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A. Yes, IELTS Questions are often reused according to different zones and countries. The questions collated are from IELTS Test takers themselves and are therefore, authentic.

A. No, this is an e-book and hence an e-book will be sent to your e-mail almost immediately after you place the order.

A. The e-books we sell provide quality content, therefore there are very less chances of being dissatisfied. However, if you do find a blip with the e-book, your money will be refunded.

A. All the e-books are in the form of a PDF which requires no specific software to read/access it.

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Our student reviews

I was always afraid about the speaking test because I was afraid of what they will ask and if I won’t know the right words to use. This book solved my problem. I now know exactly what kind of words to use for any kind of questions.
This book has changed my IELTS preparation for the better! Now I have improved my vocabulary which I can use to impress the examiner. Furthermore, the vocabulary in this will help me in the other sections as well. Totally recommend this book!
I didn’t know what kind of questions the examiner would ask me for my exam. I only knew it would be a topic, but didn’t know it specifically. This book was really useful as I know the questions and answers now.
Jin Su
I always got anxious while taking my practice speaking tests. I would always fumble around, sometimes not being able to find the right word. This ebook cleared all that up! Now I take my speaking mock tests calmly.