Comprehensive IELTS Reading (General) Band 8 Preparation Course

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  • 15+ Lectures
  • FREE eBook worth $37
  • Includes General Reading Tasks.
  • Different question types.
  • IELTS Certified Trainer
  • FREE 1:1 Counselling Session with trainer

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What you’ll learn:

Unit 1

  • Grammar – Tenses
  • Grammar – Prepositions
  • Grammar – Comparatives
  • Grammar – Articles (A,an,the)
  • Grammar – Part of Speech
  • Grammar – Irregular Verbs
  • Grammar – Determiners and Quantifiers
  • Grammar – Subject verb agreement
  • Grammar – Modals
  • Grammar – Comma Splice
  • Grammar – Participle clauses
  • Grammar – Punctuation
  • Grammar – Sentence Structures

Unit 2

  • Vocabulary – A1 List of words
  • Vocabulary – A2 List of words
  • Vocabulary – B1 list of words
  • Grammar – Reported Speech
  • Vocabulary – B2 list of words
  • Vocabulary – C1 List of words
  • Vocabulary – C2 list of words

Unit 3

  • About – Reading (GT)
  • Reading – Word Count
  • Reading – Reading techniques
  • Reading – Diagram Labelling
  • Reading – Multiple choice questions
  • Reading – Sentence Completion
  • Reading – Short Answer Type
  • Matching Questions – Reading
  • Reading – True/False/Not Given & Yes/No/Not Given

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FREE 1:1 Live Counselling Session

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45 reviews for Comprehensive IELTS Reading (General) Band 8 Preparation Course

  1. helendong21 (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this. Because General IELTS reading resources are very difficult for me to collect. Therefore, I did not give full play to my reading ability in the previous exams. After purchasing this course, I really feel that my reading ability is improving. Therefore, I recommend this course. It is worth it!

  2. Simran Bakshi

    Extremely helpful for those who lag behind in their reading skills.

  3. Yogesh bakshi

    I scored band 8. All thanks to the guidance of this course!

  4. Kuresh Mehta

    Containing a variety of tips and strategies, this course helps with detailed preparation.

  5. Naina Agarwal

    One of the best material for those who are self-preparing for the IELTS. The reading test format, and the tips have been designed based on the exam pattern of IDP &a British Council and it covers most of the recent exam questions. I followed the strategies mentioned in the book which were very useful for me. This comprehensive course includes all the important lectures about the reading section, quick overview about the test format, general reading tasks, tips & strategies, summary and resources, etc. Along with the course, we’re also given a free e-book and lifetime access. Isn’t it great? I’d recommend everyone thinking to score 8+ band to purchase the Comprehensive IELTS Reading (General) Band 8 Preparation Course ASAP.

  6. Aarushi Kalra

    Worth Buying!! The comprehensive IELTS Reading (General) Band 8 Preparation Course has been very helpful for me to prepare my IELTS exam. The Course material contains introduction, tips, strategies for different tasks, lectures, resources, etc. I came through the IELTSMATERIAL platform and found this useful IELTS Reading (General) Band 8 Preparation Course which has been designed by the IELTS band 9 experts. I’d highly recommend the course material for someone who’s having difficulty preparing for the IELTS Reading section. The material comes along with an ebook worth $37 and has lifetime access.

  7. Gagan Dua

    I am happy with this purchase as it helped me improve my reading skills.

  8. Zoya Siddiqui

    The comprehensive IELTS Reading (General) Band 8 Preparation Course is worth buying because the material has 20+ Lectures, various types of questions, reading tips, answers with explanation for the questions, strategy for different tasks, and many other resources. Overall, the course material helped me achieve band 8 score in my IELTS exam. At first, I struggled to prepare for the IELTS Reading section, but after preparing with this comprehensive IELTS Reading (General) Band 8 Preparation Course by IELTSMATERIAL platform, I’d suggest everyone who has the desire to achieve more than band 8+ in the IELTS exam to purchase and prepare for IELTS with the help of this course material. Interestingly, the material comes with lifetime access and a free ebook with actual answers worth $37.

  9. Diana Fernandez

    When I was surfing the web for a genuine product to prepare for the IELTS exam, I came across the IELTSMATERIAL platform which also provides course materials and ebooks. I went through the platform thoroughly and bought their comprehensive IELTS Reading (General) Band 8 Preparation Course which not only helped me to achieve a band of 8.5 score in the IELTS exam but also improved and enhanced my reading skills. I am extremely grateful for the IELTSMATERIAL platform for offering such an amazing course material which also consists of free ebook worth $37 with a lifetime access. The material has been easy to follow and has many general reading tasks which helps to gain more knowledge and understanding about the IELTS Reading section.

  10. Krishika Roy

    Highly Recommended! The comprehensive IELTS Reading (General) Band 8 Preparation Course is designed by the band 9 IELTS experts and has different reading tasks, summary, strategy, tips, answers with explanation, etc. The course material gives an in-depth understanding and information about the IELTS Reading (General) section. I solely relied upon this course material to prepare for the IELTS exam which helped me score a band 8.5 in the IELTS exam. The material is highly recommended for those planning to achieve more than band 8.5 score in the IELTS exam.

  11. Nandini Kumari

    I completely relied on this course. I went through the tips and strategies daily and completed atleast 1 practice test. I felt much more confident

  12. Jenny Petrova

    English had been my second language since I was a kid. Thus IELTS exam became much more challenging. This course guided me around. I was able to overcome my fears.

  13. Sanjay Veer

    This course helped me to transform from basic to an expert level.

  14. Meena Kapoor

    I had prepared everything for IELTS examination but it always seemed like, something was missing. Recently I came across this course and I exactly knew what was missing in the preparation. Refer to these courses to get a wholesome preparation strategy.

  15. Piya Roy

    Attempting the exam for the second time. I will give credit to this course to have made my preparation complete.

  16. Kunal Dutta

    I have a band score of 8. And it is all because of this course. I highly recommend this set for any aspirant

  17. Zang Wei

    The course has exceeded my expectations! My test results improved dramatically after I practised all of the specified practice tests and followed all of the tips and tricks I learned from this course. I earned an 8.5 band score overall and an 8 band score in the reading module, all thanks to IELTSMaterial.

  18. Samiha Rastogi

    This course really helped me to score an 8.5 band score in the reading section. The video lessons are very helpful and simple to follow, covers many different topics, includes numerous strategies and practice test to develop your test-taking abilities. I recommend this to everyone who is planning to take the IELTS General exam.

  19. Erica Elmar

    I am a working individual, and I am mostly busy with my work schedules. However, I bought this course and studied all the techniques listed in it and tried to practise as many practice tests as possible. I am happy to tell you that I have managed to score an 8 band score in the reading section.

  20. Bianca Weber

    Honestly, I had no prior knowledge of IELTS test patterns and topics, and I completely relied on this course for my IELTS reading test. It not only helped me get familiar with various test topics, but it helped me pass my IELTS exam with an overall score of 8. OF course I got an 8 in Reading.

  21. Payal Shamra

    This course helped me understand how to approach different types of questions and taught me techniques on how to improve my reading skills. It also provided me with lots of practice material to practise. I followed and applied these strategies in my actual test and achieved an 8.5 band score in reading.

  22. Abir Roy

    This course helped me build confidence for the IELTS Reading test. Frankly, I was not good at reading passages, but with the help of techniques like skimming and scanning and lots of practice, I achieved an 8 band score. All thanks to this course!

  23. Zhi Yan

    With the help of this course, I was able to clear my IELTS test with an 8 band score. It is a well-designed course by their top IELTS trainers. I learnt a lot of interesting strategies from this course. I strongly recommend this to everyone who is confused amongst the various available courses for IELTS reading. This course will definitely help achieve a good band score.

  24. Josh D’souza

    This course is truly useful and helpful, not just for IELTS reading preparation but also to improve your overall reading skills. I happen to have purchased this course on my sister’s recommendation, and I must say this course helped me improve my IELTS band score drastically. Best course for IELTS reading preparations.

  25. Aanchal Rajoria

    Without a doubt, one of the best course for IELTS reading preparation. I got a wide range of information and guidance on techniques like paraphrasing, scanning, skimming, synonyms, antonyms, reading passages and reading comprehensions. Instructions are given clearly, which are easy to follow and understand.

  26. Lee Chong Wei

    I felt really difficult to prepare for the IELTS exam as my reading skills were very mediocre. So, during my search for a reading material, I came across IELTSMATERIAL platform which offered me this comprehensive IELTS Reading (General) Band 8 Preparation Course which came along with a free ebook worth $37 with a lifetime access. The material contains secret tips, effective strategies for different tasks, resources, different types of questions, etc. I enhanced and improved my reading skills with the help of this course material which also helped me to achieve my dream band of 8.5 score in the IELTS exam. Iam indebted towards IELTSMATERIAL platform for providing such a beneficial course material.

  27. Alex John

    I was struggling with my reading skills for a very long time, and then I came across this IELTS Material course. The tips and strategies given in the course helped me improve my reading skills and score an 8 band score in the reading section. Strongly recommended course!

  28. David Smith

    I am so satisfied with this course, as with the help of this course I scored an 8.5 band score. The tips and tricks and strategies for different task types and patterns listed in the course helped me improve my test-taking and time management skills.

  29. Ayushi Verma

    Highly recommended! I scored an 8 band score in my first attempt. This course gave me valuable tips and lessons on different questions types and how to read effectively to manage my reading ability.

  30. Charlotte Becker

    I appeared for IELTS General and managed to score an overall 8.5 band score and an 8 band score in the reading section. This course material helped me enhance my understanding of the strategies to approach different types of questions in the IELTS General reading section. I recommend this course to everyone who is struggling with reading and interested in learning new ways to improve it.

  31. Dinesh Rao

    I rigorously followed all the lessons and strategies and practised all the listed practice tests and different question types, and it helped me achieve an 8.5 band score. Not only that, but it also helped me enhance my overall general reading skills.

  32. Abanti Pramanik

    WORTH BUYING! Taking the IELTS test? Want to get a good score and a good band? Written by 8+ band experts, this comprehensive IELTS Reading (General) Band 8 Preparation Course includes almost everything from General reading tasks, various question types, tips and strategies for different tasks, summary and essential lectures about reading, resources, e-book, etc. With the help of the course, I aced my IELTS test with 8 band score. This is one of the easy to use online materials which will give you an extra edge to pass the IELTS with 8+ band in the first attempt.

  33. Feng Mian

    I came across the online store of ieltsmaterial.com when I was surfing the web for an online resource material of IELTS Reading (GT). I’d say that this is one of the best and legit store which provides a genuine online material which contains a lot of General Reading Tasks, Different Question Types, Guides from Band 9 Teacher, 20+ Lectures, Tips & Strategies for different tasks, etc. I prepared for the IELTS Reading (GT) with the help of this comprehensive IELTS Reading (General) Band 8 Preparation Course and found it as an effective way to prepare for the exam. Unlike other online materials, this course has been specifically tailored for the exact needs of the test taker. You even get a free e-book worth $37 and a lifetime access.

  34. Seo-yeon

    The comprehensive IELTS Reading (General) Band 8 Preparation Course crafted by the 8+ band experts of the IELTSMATERIAL provides an in-depth knowledge and understanding about the IELTS General Reading tasks. The course material also consists of different types of questions, reading tasks, summary, strategy, detailed answer explanations, etc to crack the IELTS test with 8 band scores. It is entirely covered with the latest test taking strategies. This course material helped me to prepare for my exam on my own schedule and let me score a 8 band in the IELTS exam. Anyone planning to take up the IELTS exam should take an advantage of this comprehensive IELTS Reading (General) Band 8 Preparation Course and purchase it today to get lifetime access and the IELTS Reading General e-book with actual tests.

  35. Derek Shepherd

    An amazing course! I have scored an 8 band in the IELTS test only with the help of the comprehensive IELTS Reading (General) Band 8 Preparation Course by the IELTSMATERIAL. The course material provides the test taker, a detailed summary of the IELTS Reading test format, detailed answer explanations, tips and strategies to crack the exam with 9 band scores, ebook worth $37, lifetime access, etc. The course material ensures that everything a test taker needs to know about the IELTS Reading (General) is only a fingertip away. I suggest the test takers who wish to score 8+ band in the IELTS to buy the course which is available at a high discount.

  36. Saveri Dey

    I have a score of of 9 band score and I have been following all the lectures from different sites and soon I came across this course. It helped me understand the detailed structure of general reading test.

  37. Kunal Ghosh

    This book had been my guide throughout my preparation. From taking thorough practice tests to understanding every single details of general reading tests

  38. Aniket Dey

    I am giving this exam for the second time and I recently came across this course. It is helping me know facts that I have been unknown to me. I would recommend this book to every beginner.

  39. Kaushani Saha

    I am a beginner. A friend of mine recommended me to buy this course and I did. It did really help me. This material uplifted my confidence. The content is very good.

  40. Keka Dey

    I came across this book few days back, and it helped me understand the reading practice test section so well that it has boosted my confidence. I wish I had this book earlier.

  41. Ankita

    This material contains different types of tasks with reading tips and tricks and introduction of reading skills with detailed information , which really helped me to focus more on English reading.

  42. Akash

    I had lost my hope on my English reading skills , but this book just increased my fluent reading .

  43. Akashi

    I am very much satisfied to have purchased this course. I have complete confidence in this book as this has improved my reading skill.

  44. nishika

    This course is helpful for reading skills and there are different questions explained which helped to achieve my goal.

  45. armani

    I scored 8.5 in the exam, in my first attempt. The course gave me perfect guidance with full description of reading and with perfect information. This book is really helpful and the material should be read completely for better performance.

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