IELTS Reading (Academic) Actual Tests with Answers (February- March 2023) | eBook

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This eBook contains:

  •  36 passages with answers
  • 200+ pages
  • Answer key by IELTS Trainers.
  • Each test contains 3 sections.
  • FREE 1:1 Counselling Session with our IELTS trainer

Please note: This is an eBook, therefore there will be no hard copy. The PDF of this eBook will be sent to your e-mail immediately after your order is placed.

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The Academic Reading section in the IELTS test consists of 3 passages which are mostly related to science, social science, sociology or anything of general interest. It is usually taken from journals or newspapers.

These three passages are arranged from the easiest to the hardest (i.e) the first passage is the easiest and the third being the hardest.

This eBook contains 12 reading tests (36 Passages) that appeared in the recent IELTS exam. The tests are sourced from recent test takers and thus are authentic.

These questions are of different question types:

  • multiple choice
  • sentence completion
  • true or false
  • diagram completion
  • match the headings

An answer key is provided towards the end of the book and is verified by certified IELTS Trainers.

Please note: This is an eBook, therefore there will be no hard copy. The PDF of this eBook will be sent to your e-mail immediately after your order is placed.

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63 reviews for IELTS Reading (Academic) Actual Tests with Answers (February- March 2023) | eBook

  1. omidghanbarzadeh (verified owner)

    This is the best ever book before the exam
    If you study it carefully, you would not have any problem at the exam! Much Better than cambrídge books

  2. Omid (verified owner)

    This is the best ever book before the exam
    If you study it carefully, you would not have any problem at the exam! Much Better than cambrídge books

  3. Seema Kamal (verified owner)

    excellent book exact like exam

  4. Azade

    I bought reading and listening books in September-December 2022
    But I have a questions, please guide me completely

    I have the IELTS exam in October, will the questions from this book appear in the main IELTS exam in October?

  5. Aza taher

    I bought reading and listening books in September-December 2022
    But I have some questions, please guide me completely
    1- I bought the book with this mentioned title, but when I opened the pdf, it write Sep-Oct 2022 for listening and July-October 2022 for reading. Are the questions different from September- December 2022?
    2- I have the IELTS exam in October, will the questions from this book appear in the actual IELTS exam in October?
    3- One of my friends bought this book like me, but they told him that there will be a new version in October, so this book is only for September?
    Thank you for your help.

  6. Himangi Nautiyal (verified owner)

    Good reading book for practice and have recent testes

  7. Amaninder Kaur (verified owner)

    This book is so helpful for me.

  8. Lakshani (verified owner)

    An useful material

  9. Gurpreet Singh (verified owner)

    Best book for reading

  10. Princess Chizaram Anakua (verified owner)

    Very helpful book with all the necessary information i need

  11. Minh Huyen Vo (verified owner)

    This book is great for anyone who want to improve their reading score. These are new topics which appear in recent actual tests

  12. Samaa (verified owner)

    Its such fruitful book I had taken ielts before but I got 4.5 at reading section,then I purchased this book for practice , I hope I can improve with this book passge here challenging inirder to get good score next time

  13. Arvind Kumar Thakur (verified owner)

    I have gone through the content of the book. The tests are really helpful for not only IELTS aspirants nut also for anyone else who is looking for some degree of proficiency in English. The ebook is excellent!

  14. pinder (verified owner)

    Very useful book.The book provides all content necessary for scoring band 7+.

  15. Harsha Peramunage (verified owner)

    Very much helpful for further development. Thanks!

  16. Sid

    Must have for all the IELTS aspirants. Though the reading passages are challenging, still, you’ll be amazed at how these will make you ready for the actual exam.

  17. YOGESH KANSAL (verified owner)


  18. Nischal Giri

    This books make my ielts exam pass…

  19. SACHIN V S (verified owner)

    Very useful book.The book provides all content necessary for scoring band 7+.

  20. Tapos Kumar Dutt (verified owner)

    In my perception, this is an extremely helpful book for comprehensive ielts preparation.
    I have also purchased some other books from ielts materials and all are fine.

  21. Affoussiata Bakayoko Doumbia (verified owner)

    This book is wonderful

  22. saad.sau (verified owner)

    great content,
    the paragraphs need to be single spaced and put them in one page instead of putting them in many pages.

  23. Krystal

    Perfect practice material. A must for aspirants aiming for an eight band in IELTS.

  24. Britney Brians

    The book has questions from actual tests. Solutions for reading tests are given at the back. The book is very useful for practising at home.

  25. Kora Anderson

    This book contains 25 tests extracted from actual exams. This book is 100% beneficial for the academic IELTS – reading session.

  26. Ashley Newmore

    Amazing book. Exactly similar test style as of real IELTS exam. All the tests are new and relevant. Overall, really impressed with the ebook.

  27. Vinne Ngai

    This ebook is of great help – the only book I used to prepare for the Reading section. I got an overall 8 in my exam.

  28. Sunny Singh

    Helpful for the students who are worrying about a study material to prepare for IELTS Academic Reading.

  29. Ahan Phạm

    A very good book; it was very helpful personally. With extracts from actual tests and answer key, students can easily reach a band 8 in this section

  30. Arnold Lesley

    The 25 tests are the highlight of this book. They are taken from actual exams.

  31. Cara Cuc

    Excellent book. All these 25 tests are enough to get you ready for exams.

  32. Bella Hwa

    By practising the recent actual exam questions in the ebook, I got a good score in the reading section.

  33. Riya Mathew

    25 Reading tests with answer keys in one book. Worth the money! My confidence improved dramatically after solving the tests given in the book.

  34. Jìngyi Han

    It’s a perfect book to practice, price worthy, and with useful vocabulary. I would love to advise people who are struggling for their expected bands to take a look at this book!

  35. Thanh Phuoc

    The ebook is very useful. We can learn the tricks to improve our reading speed by focusing on the given tests which are extracts from actual exams.

  36. Peter Hendriks

    This book has a total of 25 actual tests with answer keys by IELTS trainers. Hence very good for Reading practice.

  37. Bella Tom

    The book contains 25 full IELTS Academic practice tests; the difficulty and format are similar to the real test. I used it to do multiple timed practices, which gave me confidence in writing my exam.

  38. Wei Wei

    I strongly recommend this book to all aspiring IELTS candidates. If you can score 40 in these papers through self-study, then the actual IELTS exam is much simpler, and you’ll be able to get the desired scores.

  39. Caroline

    Really helpful!! The e-book contains all the possible types of questions with answers. –

  40. Luna Mai

    I was poor in reading section and scored a low band in my first IELTS attempt. But this book pulled me up, and I got an excellent result the second time.

  41. Eddy Tan

    An excellent resource that students should take as a reference to learn tips and strategies to prepare for the IELTS reading exam.

  42. Andre

    It has been difficult for me to find actual IELTS reading tests, so this book is really helpful.

  43. Gagan

    Spent a lot of money on test books for the reading section, and found that they contained all the practice tests I had already done before. This is the only book I found that has tests from actual IELTS exams. Love it!

  44. Earl Niu

    This ebook is handy for aspirants who want to score higher in IELTS. It includes 25 reading tests from actual exams. Priced reasonably.

  45. Jun Nuo

    Excellent reading material for IELTS with 25 reading tests which are extracts from actual exams with answers. Was very useful in preparation!!!

  46. Apoorva Dutta

    This book provides many helpful strategies and tips that help candidates know the right way to maximize their band score. I love this book, and it was precisely what I had been looking for.

  47. Qi Yun

    I’m so glad I found actual reading tests in one ebook! Earlier I had to search for them all over the internet. This really made my preparation more convenient!

  48. Shahzodbek

    is this actual september-december 2020 reading book is authentic? I mean are you 100 percent sure that all reading passages in the exam will be the same as in this book? I am going to take in december? i am not sure whether i buy it?

    • harshith (verified owner)

      Yes, of course it’s authentic and we have collected questions from recent IELTS Takers, and the majority of the questions will be repeated in the next IELTS tests

  49. Murodjon Abdilloev

    Are there any passages from recent actual volume books? Are they (reading passages) completely new or not ?because i dont wanna redo practice materials.

    • harshith (verified owner)

      These are new topics which have appeared in recent tests, and it’s not from the recent volume books

  50. Lo Thi

    This ebook is great for anyone tired of doing practice tests and wants to dip their toes in some real questions.

  51. Wang Wei

    I hardly scored 6 band, but after referring the book ,I must say , it changed my view towards Reading tests ,which I once considered the most toughest part of the IELTS exam. I wrote my exam Feb, had an overall band score of 8, with 7.5 in reading .

  52. Srishthi Jha

    With 19 different updated tests, this book is definitely a must buy for someone going to attempt the IELTS exam. I had a tough time with the reading passages ,but this book really helped me reach my desired score.

  53. Peter Newman

    Each passage was way more different and a bit difficult to attend initially ,but later on I realized how it made me think ,I started to crack answers way faster than I used to. As for academic reading, passages are quite long, difficult and tricky ,but with practice you can reach your goal. This book helps you do exactly that. With so many practice tests and answers , it makes learning easier.

  54. Barbie

    is the General Reading Test version of this book available?

    • harshith (verified owner)

      Hi Barbie, Soon we will launch general reading ebook as well

  55. Ji Sun

    Practicing reading and answering the question with the reading passages in the book was really helpful.

  56. Chang Shun

    The reading passages are easy and helped me to get a good mark in very less preparation time.

  57. Changying

    Reading passages from the actual tests made me understand how it would appear in the test and help me feel more confident about the test.

  58. Ly Kiet Trinh

    This ebook is awesome for anyone who wants to massively improve their reading skills within a short span of time. I could literally feel myself improving as I was attempting the tests. Take it from me. Solve a few tests every day, you’ll be an expert in no time. I just wish there were more tests.

  59. Mariam

    I’ve always had a hard time with reading anything very quickly because I wouldn’t be able to understand it. But practicing with IELTS Reading e-book helped me to quicken my reading speed and also answer the questions correctly.

  60. Lanh

    The reading passages were hard and took time for me to understand so when I kept practicing, it became easy and I did well in the test.

  61. Faisal

    I was on the hunt for so long for a verified book of authentic IELTS reading tests, and finally I found this! Solving tests that have actually appeared in past exams really boosted my confidence. I just wish there were explanations given along with the answers as well.

  62. Sena

    I realised that by the time I reached the 15th test, I was able to answer all the questions very easily. Practice is really the key!

  63. Truy thong

    This book made my IELTS exam easier. I could do the reading section very easily.

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