Comprehensive IELTS Writing (Academic) Band 8 Preparation Course

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  • Includes Quizzes & Practice Assignments
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  • Includes both Writing sections
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In this course you will learn:

Unit 1

  • Grammar – Tenses
  • Grammar – Prepositions
  • Grammar – Comparatives
  • Grammar – Articles (A,an,the)
  • Grammar – Part of Speech
  • Grammar – Irregular Verbs
  • Grammar – Determiners and Quantifiers
  • Grammar – Subject verb agreement
  • Grammar – Modals
  • Grammar – Comma Splice
  • Grammar – Participle clauses
  • Grammar – Punctuation
  • Grammar – Sentence Structures

Unit 2

  • Vocabulary – A1 List of words
  • Vocabulary – A2 List of words
  • Vocabulary – B1 list of words
  • Grammar – Reported Speech
  • Vocabulary – B2 list of words
  • Vocabulary – C1 List of words
  • Vocabulary – C2 list of words

Unit 3

  • About – Writing
  • Writing – Identifying Question Types
  • Writing – Identifying Question Types
  • Writing – Analysing the information in diagrams
  • Writing – Analysing the essays and planning. (How to make mindmaps, TED)
  • Writing – Writing the introduction/Overview Paragraph
  • Writing – Opinion essays
  • Writing – Bar Graph
  • Writing – Discussion Essays
  • Writing – Line Graph
  • Writing – Advantages/Disadantages Essay
  • Writing – Pie chart
  • Writing – Cause Solution Essay
  • Writing – Process diagram – Writing Task 1
  • Writing – Map diagram – Writing Task 1
  • Writing – Two-Part Question Essay

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FREE 1:1 Live Counselling Session

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45 reviews for Comprehensive IELTS Writing (Academic) Band 8 Preparation Course

  1. Abdulaziz (verified owner)

    One of the best sources for preparing for IELTS, very muck appreciated efforts.

  2. Maitree Deshmukh

    Hey Hii! This is Maitree, I was so demotivated after the first attempt at IELTS in which I was not selected but then one of my friends introduced me to your website and told me that it has wonderful and amazing content which will really help me. I purchased this course and I really want to thank you all for making me understand the different concepts.

  3. Kanak Jaiswal

    This course has really helped me a lot in improving my grammar and also my vocabulary and also helped in enhancing my understanding of how to actually prepare for my IELTS. Since it is in simple language, everyone can relate to it and make notes for themselves.

  4. Mathew Perry

    Worth Buying! Earlier, I felt very difficult in attempting the writing tasks of the IELTS writing module, but then I purchased this comprehensive IELTS Writing (Academic) Band 8 Preparation Course which was very useful. Through the material, I understood the types of questions, vocabulary, grammar which should be used in the writing task 1 and writing task 2. I also practiced the tips & techniques and strategies for both tasks which enhanced my writing skills, logical thinking skills, and analytical skills. I’d highly suggest anyone thinking of scoring a band 8+ in the IELTS exam to go through the course material and follow the tests regularly to achieve their desired band scores.

  5. Atharv Devrankar

    Hii I have been trying to clear IELTS for the last two years and I have tried every possible way to clear it but nothing was working . Then I thought to give a try at your site too. I really lost interest in studies but when I started studying this course I got my interest back and also got a good band in the IELTS exam . A big thanks to all the people working here!!! It really has helped me a lot.

  6. Riddhima Saxena

    Hi, I m so glad that I started taking help from your website as I got used to speaking in English even at my home and also your website helped me realized that no section is to be taken lightly or granted . I m really thankful to get help from this course and also for taking guidance from such wonderful writers and people who work there

  7. Toshani

    The most exciting part of this course is that it explains how to analyse and plan data and there are several sets of model questions with answers which really solved my problems.

  8. Roshani

    The course contained different tasks with multiple questions and grammar guidelines, which helped me to score a good band in the IELTS exam . I am really happy to have had this material with me!!

  9. david

    I really like the content of this course . It is segmented in an informative way. We get to know more about our basic grammar and planning of data .

  10. yory

    The content of this course is very descriptive and informative with several guidelines. This helped me to score a good band in the IELTS exam . This course is really helpful tp people who are preparing on their own .

  11. Sneha Battuwar

    Hii I have been trying to pass the IELTS from past three years I even took admissions in the different classes every year. Then I got to know about this website and purchased the course. It was very good.

  12. nandini

    I have gone through course introduction and different writing tasks which are really helpful for my preparation. I get interest to practice different sets.

  13. nandini

    I am quite confident to sit for the exam . I have gone through course introduction and different writing task which are really helpful for my preparation. I get interest to practise different sets.

  14. natasha

    I can understand each and every topic clearly. . My vocabulary has become quite better than before after practising from this course . I hope that I would score marks in my second chance.

  15. ankriti

    I am very proud to get this course material with me. There are different model writing tasks with different tips and tricks and various questions with answers.

  16. Meisha Gupta

    An ultimate guide to IELTS Writing module! This comprehensive IELTS Writing (Academic) Band 8 Preparation Course consists of 8+hours of video lectures, quizzes and practice assignments, model questions, several tips and techniques, strategies, how to use vocabulary, and grammar in the IELTS writing tasks. The course material is well-organized with both the questions types of the IELTS writing module. I highly relied upon this course material to prepare for the IELTS writing module which helped me to build up my writing skills and enhanced my English proficiency.

  17. Jin Yong

    This is an excellent course for those who are planning to take the IELTS test. I really liked the video lessons and the quizzes because they helped me improve my concepts from the basics. I also benefited from their in-depth task explanation lessons and a wide range of practice test on numerous topics.

  18. Mohammed Ali

    The comprehensive IELTS Writing (Academic) Band 8 Preparation Course provides the aspirants a brief understanding and overview about the type of questions asked and a way to answer these questions with several effective strategies. Only with the help of this course material, I have secured a band 8.5 score in the IELTS exam. Also the course material has enhanced and improved my writing skills and English proficiency.

  19. Prachi sharma

    The comprehensive IELTS Writing (Academic) Band 8 Preparation Course consists of all the necessary information, tips, techniques, strategies, to attempt both the tasks of IELTS writing module. The material has been specially created by the band 9 IELTS experts. There are practice tests for both the sections which gives an understanding on how to write well responded answer to the questions. I regularly worked on the model tests by following the respective strategies and tips which helped me to secure a band 8.5 score in the IELTS exam. I’d highly recommend this course material for someone who’s having difficulty in preparing for the IELTS writing module.

  20. ratul

    I have a band score of 9.5. I will give the full credit to this course and all other books. This website helped me in understanding the topics clearly.

  21. taniya

    I had no idea about IELTS examination and its format , but by going through this course I have got an idea of how to proceed with my exam .

  22. priyanka

    I am appearing for the IELTS exam. I’m happy to get this course. It has topics described in detailed way . Content if perfect in all aspects. .

  23. Drishti takrani

    This course includes different writing tasks with course introduction and lots of details related to the examination . I’m confident of getting good marks in IELTS examination after the preparation.

  24. Manvesh Sinha

    This course has helped me a lot in dealing with the area I was having problem and also helped in improving my skills.

  25. tanvi

    The thing I liked most in this course is that it contains different topics with different model questions where we can get idea to practise more . The most important thing in this course is that it contains several tips and tricks to get good score in the exam. I am really happy to have bought this course.

  26. Raj Saha

    I would like to mention that , the entire writing academic test in this course has been framed in such a manner that anyone can understand. Every little details is well described . I would highly recommend this course

  27. Raisha B.

    The academic writing test is very much simplified. The content is well structured along with set of good mock tests and information that will be helpful later.

  28. Rai Sen

    I absolutely love this course material. This helped me learn how to answer the academic task questions and to correct the errors. The detailed modelled set was really helpful in understanding the difficult parts.

  29. Tathagata Dey

    I have a band score of 9 and I think this course material played an important role in my success. It gave me detailed information about the tricks and strategies to follow during the exam.

  30. Vaiman chatap

    I really wanna thank each and every person working in this website for helping me in understanding the topics clearly.

  31. Lahiri Dey

    I am appearing for IELTS examination the second time and I bought this course few days back. I think it made my preparation complete. I learned a great deal of facts from this course and it helped me understand a lot of new things I didn’t know earlier. I hope I will be able to crack my examination this time.

  32. Naina Das

    This course made my preparation complete. I learnt a lot of things from this course. It has well structured mock tests and information that will be helpful for your preparation.

  33. Juhi Khan

    This course is absolutely a package for academic writing. It has every bit of information that is necessary for your preparation

  34. Rajrup Samanta

    I have a band score of 9 and I owe it all to this course and all the other courses I followed from this site. All came in so much handy for the preparation.

  35. Tiyash Malik

    Highly recommended course. One should obviously follow this course to learn a great deal of facts from this course that help you understand a lot of new things which you were unaware of.

  36. Yu Yan

    Thanks to this amazing course, I scored an 8 band in my writing section. Although I am not very good at writing, the strategies, tips and tricks proved to be extra beneficial for me. Moreover, I regularly practised, and I must say it really helped me improve my test-taking skills.

  37. Monojeet Roy

    I applied all tips and techniques I learned from this course, and I managed to score an 8 band. I strongly advise anyone looking for a genuine and reliable course to take this one without hesitation.

  38. Pratiba Sharma

    I am glad I bought this course. This course not only helped me to achieve an 8.5 band score with just 2 months of preparation but also provided a tremendous amount of step-by-step approach techniques, in detail explains about various topics and adequate practice tests that helped me achieve my desired score. Highly recommend this course to everyone!

  39. Henry Wanger

    This course is fantastic. It helped me get an 8 band score on my first attempt. The video lectures, tips and strategies are very useful. Moreover, it provides sample answers and in-detail step-by-step explanations on how to approach different types of questions. Above all, this course contains IELTS-related vocabulary and grammar lessons that will help you frame effective answers.

  40. Aniket

    This course is very helpful and guides with utmost care. The e-Lectures are like the cherry on top of a beautiful cake.

  41. Saloni

    A must Buy!!!!! This course descriptively explained me the working and pattern IELTS Academic Writing Module. It is great.

  42. Aashish Rao

    I’m grateful for the IELTSMATERIAL platform for offering such an amazing course material (Comprehensive IELTS Writing (Academic) Band 8 Preparation Course) which has helped me to achieve my desired band score of 8.5 in the IELTS exam. I thoroughly practised the model writing tests along with the described strategies and techniques for every section. This increased my knowledge and understanding skill on how to attempt the IELTS writing section. The material comes along with an eBook worth $37, learning coupons etc.

  43. Suarez

    I am following this course for a long time now. The guidance is excellent.

  44. John

    Absolutely a package. Containing in detail the information one might need to excel.

  45. Ram Kumar

    Recently, I purchased this comprehensive IELTS Writing (Academic) Band 8 Preparation Course which provided a thorough understanding on how to score well in the IELTS writing module and crack the IELTS exam. This course material is an ultimate guide to IELTS Writing module. The model tests gives a brief overview and understanding about the type of questions asked. There is a step by step guide and secret tips & techniques to crack the IELTS exam. Also, the material comes along with an eBook worth $37

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