Comprehensive IELTS Academic Band 8 Complete Preparation Course + 5 in 1 Academic eBook Combo

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  • 11+Hours of video content (30+ lectures)
  • FREE eBooks worth $185 (5 in 1 Combo Academic eBooks)
  • Includes Practice Assignments
  • 5 Full-Length Mock Tests
  • IELTS Certified Trainer
  • Includes all 4 sections
  • FREE 1:1 Counselling Session with trainer

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With this course, you get $69 worth of bestselling eBook combo FREE, which is: IELTS (Academic) 5 in 1 eBook Combo ( Listening + Speaking + Reading + Writing Task 1+ Task 2) (February- March 2023)

IELTS Academic Complete Preparation Program is 11 hours flexible academic preparation course. This course covers all sections of the IELTS Academic test: Writing (Task 1 and Task 2), Speaking, Listening, and Reading.

In this course you will learn:

Unit 1

  • Grammar – Tenses
  • Grammar – Prepositions
  • Grammar – Comparatives
  • Grammar – Articles (A,an,the)
  • Grammar – Part of Speech
  • Vocabulary – A1 List of words
  • About IELTS

Unit 2

  • Grammar – Irregular Verbs
  • Vocabulary – A2 List of words
  • Vocabulary – Describing Words
  • About – Listening
  • About – Reading
  • About – Writing
  • About – Speaking

Unit 3

  • Grammar – Determiners and Quantifiers
  • Grammar – Subject verb agreement
  • Vocabulary – B1 list of words
  • Vocabulary – Linkers
  • Listening – Signposting Language
  • Reading – Word Count
  • Reading – Reading techniques
  • Writing – Identifying Question Types
  • Writing – Identifying Question Types
  • Speaking – Introduction, Common Part 1 topics and how to answer them

Unit 4

  • Grammar – Modals
  • Grammar – Reported Speech
  • Vocabulary – B2 list of words
  • Vocabulary – Expressing opinions
  • Listening – Multiple choice Questions
  • Reading – Diagram Labelling
  • Reading – Multiple choice questions
  • Writing – Analysing the information in diagrams
  • Writing – Analysing the essays and planning. (How to make mindmaps, TED)

Unit 5

  • Grammar – Comma Splice
  • Grammar – Participle clauses
  • Vocabulary – C1 List of words
  • Listening – Map labelling
  • Reading – Sentence Completion
  • Reading – Short Answer Type
  • Writing – Writing the introduction/Overview Paragraph
  • Writing – Opinion essays
  • Speaking – Cue Cards

Unit 6

  • Grammar – Punctuation
  • Grammar – Sentence Structures
  • Vocabulary – C2 list of words
  • Listening – Sentence Completion
  • Writing – Bar Graph
  • Writing – Discussion Essays

Unit 7

  • Vocab – Idioms
  • Matching Questions – Listening
  • Matching Questions – Reading
  • Writing – Line Graph
  • Writing – Advantages/Disadantages Essay

Unit 8

  • Vocabulary – Phrasal verbs
  • Listening – Tackling distractors
  • Writing – Pie chart
  • Writing – Cause Solution Essay
  • Speaking – Part 3 Vocabulary

Unit 9

  • Reading – True/False/Not Given & Yes/No/Not Given
  • Writing – Process diagram – Writing Task 1
  • Writing – Map diagram – Writing Task 1
  • Writing – Two-Part Question Essay

Who this course is for?

  • IELTS Students who need USA, UK, AU, or Canadian University admission should take this course.
  • Students looking to score more than IELTS Band 7

Also, Get FREE!! IELTS Academic 5 in 1 eBook Combo


FREE 1:1 Live Counselling Session

Upon successful payment of the purchase, you will receive an email with downloadable links for eBooks and a link directing to a form for registering a FREE 1:1 counselling session. Once you fill the form, a sample 1:1 session will be scheduled for you with one of our star trainers.

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66 reviews for Comprehensive IELTS Academic Band 8 Complete Preparation Course + 5 in 1 Academic eBook Combo

  1. snehaabhijith8 (verified owner)

    Great package with valuable information about all modules.
    Really recommended for IELTS Students.

  2. Akshay Banda

    A must have for IELTS Preparation

  3. Dhrumil Patel (verified owner)

    This comprehensive band 8 complete preparation course includes actual ielts test paper and practice assignments and mock tests which are really beneficial for exam and it is really helping me and I recommend all the test givers to buy .Thank you ielts material

  4. naz (verified owner)

    The material provided on the website is excellent for practise with new updates and proper information about everything.

  5. Sandeep Bhatia (verified owner)

    Best course in the world. It is the IELTS material I was always searching for. I expect to get a band score of 8. Keep up the excellent work.

  6. Angshudhara (verified owner)

    Worth every penny. Would highly recommend it to all IELTS aspirants.

  7. Alex (verified owner)

    O material e otimo e esta me ajudando muito.

  8. Kengo (verified owner)

    This ebook is really helpful. It has enough material to prepare for IELTS examination.

  9. Viktoriya Nesterenko (verified owner)

    Really happy with this course, Thank you all.

  10. Kittu (verified owner)

    This comprehensive course plus ebook combo is everything that is needed for IELTS aspirants aiming for a band score of 7 or higher. The video lessons are for all 4 sections. Worth every penny!

  11. Janny Ho (verified owner)

    Good exercises and good lessons. The course provides questions and model answers for us to have a deep insight of the IELTS test.

  12. Varun Thakur (verified owner)

    The classes are amazing and I have been able to score an 8.5 and 8 in reading and listening along with a 8 in writing. They have helped me improve my speaking and writing a lot

  13. Rupinder Kaur (verified owner)

    This course has everything. It is helping me alot to improve my writing . Thank you team for providing such great resources.

  14. Zeng

    Excellent video content and practice tests at a reasonable price! I must say that all three parts of the IELTS speaking test is explained so well. My vocabulary has increased a lot, and I am very confident now. The course is very effective for self-preparation.

  15. Aleeza

    This course covers all the sections of IELTS! The best part is that it has many useful tips and strategies to approach listening, speaking, writing, and reading. The model essays really helped me to score an 8 in writing.

  16. Sabrina

    Great content! So flexible and easy to learn even for beginners. The skimming and scanning techniques provided in the reading section helped me a lot in managing time. Overall, this course is a lifesaver and it includes a free 5 in 1 ebook combo!

  17. James T

    This material is very helpful for IELTS preparation. Purchased this course at a 50% discount and got lifetime access for 24+ hours of video content.

  18. Tran Cung Long

    I was preparing for IELTS and was not getting sufficient study materials. Then I got to know about this preparation course and was pleased to find all the content that are needed for the preparation of IELTS exam. And in case of any issues, they also provide 30-day money-back guarantee.

  19. Boa Thach

    24+ Hours video content with lifetime access, the best deal possible. Great book, great content for IELTS self-preparation.

  20. Cole

    The video content is incredible, and the full-length mock tests are so helpful in practising. I’m so happy about the free 5 in 1 ebook combo. A real price saver pack!!

  21. Kate Smith

    The Comprehensive Band 7+ Complete Preparation Course is available at 50% discount, and this is one of the best offers in the market.

  22. Shou Shou

    I went ahead and bought this after reading the reviews; it was the right choice. I did all exercises with patience. A lot of basic doubts became clear in a way no one can guide.

  23. David D

    Good study material with lifetime access and 24+ hours of video lecture. It helped me a lot in the preparation of IELTS exam.

  24. Bao Li

    This course has been a saviour. I received the course in just a few seconds after purchase! Preparing for the exam was made easier because the videos offered were comprehensive and interesting. Mock tests were tough, yet I learned a lot!

  25. Shikha Seth

    This material is comprehensive and has helped me in preparing for the actual test. The video content was exactly what I was looking for . This combo is reasonable, and I assure you it’s worth it!

  26. Naina Malhotra

    I scored band 8 by practicing these mock tests and working on practice assignments. It helped me to improve my vocabulary and taught me how to manage time. Otherwise, I know it wouldn’t have been easy and possible. Worth it!

  27. Vaibhav

    The course is completely exam-oriented that covers four sections: listening, speaking, writing, and reading. It also has tips and strategies on how to approach the exam.

  28. Charles B

    Highly recommended for IELTS aspirants. It has all the features required for learning and the best thing is that the course is available at a 50% discount offer.

  29. Alfie

    This comprehensive Band 7 complete preparation course includes audio and video lectures with many practice tests and model answers. Besides, the strategies given for each section really helped me achieve the highest band score.

  30. James

    I am so glad to come across this amazing comprehensive 7+ combo. It helped me get a high band score. Recommending this to every IELTS aspirant. Good luck

  31. Richard Andrews

    This was my go-to course while preparing for the IELTS exam and helped me get a band score of 8. It includes 24+ hours of video content in addition to practice assignments. Totally recommended for all IELTS aspirants!

  32. Anthony

    Great content with life time access and a 30 day money-back guarantee – this book is the best resource you can own.

  33. Bipin Chauhan

    Make sure you keep practising the given assignments. It will definitely prepare you for the main exam and make you achieve your dream band.

  34. Amelia

    This comprehensive band 7+ complete preparation course I bought has these great features that include video content, practice assignments, and full-length mock tests. The book enumerates how to attempt each section, followed by explanations and sample answers.

  35. Anandita

    This comprehensive band 7 course has been so helpful in my IELTS preparation. I scored a band 8 and I am very happy with the results. Thanks a ton!

  36. Ryan

    I purchased this course, and it is worth every penny. I found this to be very helpful for my preparation. Usually, we have to purchase different books for listening, reading, or writing, but we get everything in this course. Besides, there are ample practice tests for each section.

  37. Tuyet

    It is a very useful course for students preparing for the IELTS exam. The tips and strategies taught in the course is everything we need to know to clear the IELTS. It is easy to understand and the video content is excellent.

  38. Caihong

    I bought this course based on my friend’s suggestion. For sure, its an excellent course for intense IELTS preparation in a few weeks. It helped me to get a very high score. All the tips, techniques, strategies, and advice focus on maximizing students’ scores by increasing their task-solving speed and efficiency.

  39. Qiuyue

    This IELTS band 7 preparation course is taught by a Band 9 teacher and covers the Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking sections. The exciting part is that, we also get a 5 in 1 Academic Ebook for free!

  40. Vo Sang

    Course content is very good. 5-full length mock tests are also provided. Highly recommended!!

  41. Jane Cromwell

    The Comprehensive Band 7+ Complete Preparation Course comes with a 5 in 1 Academic Ebook which is an exceptional combo! The course also includes 5 full-length mock tests that are very helpful for IELTS preparation.

  42. Cronos Jeff

    This course alone helped me score an 8. Definitely recommend it to students wanting to take the IELTS.

  43. Oscar

    It is definitely worth the money, and we also get lifetime access to the course. Besides, they also have a 30-day money-back guarantee in case of any issues.

  44. Vaasu

    This band 7 course and the free ebook combo is a complete package for IELTS preparation and practice. Must-buy book and is worth every penny!

  45. ChiLing

    This is the perfect course for IELTS preparation. It has more than 100 lectures, video contents, and full-length mock tests. The important part is each section has tips on how to answer it. I would recommend this course to all IELTS aspirants.

  46. Gary James

    I purchased this course at a 50% discount offer with 5 in 1 Academic Ebook along and lifetime access. I will recommend this material for the aspirants who are preparing for the IELTS exam and are searching for the best study materials.

  47. Vishnu Suresh

    The practice content will make you very confident for the real ielts exam.

  48. Oliver Martin

    This IELTS preparation course is taught by a Band 9 teacher and includes all 4 sections of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The free 5 in 1 Academic Ebook with the package makes it a great deal!!

  49. Mack Harry

    If you are thinking of buying a resource for ielts preparation, you can go for it. The content helped me to score a very good band.

  50. Phoung Tran

    This course has video content for over 24 hours, and has everything we need to know regarding IELTS exam. It also has a wide range of examples for various grammatical structures.

  51. Kayden Bergeron

    This course explains how to structure the answers. It also has a lot of model answers, which has helped me a lot. Must buy!

  52. Kidd Tiet

    One course with all the content needed to crack IELTS exam. Don’t have a second thought about buying this.

  53. Henry

    This purchase you’ll never regret. With this buy you get lot of video content. Not just that but also 5 in 1 combo which is like a life saviour. It helped me to perform so well in my IELTS examination.

  54. Ly Hwa

    I got this comprehensive course at more than 50% discount and this has been very helpful for my IELTS preparation. The videos and the practice assignments provided with the course are top-notch!

  55. Mao Ma Chan

    I learned a lot from this Comprehensive Band 7+ Complete Preparation course. It has 24+ hours of video content and lifetime access. It also includes practice assignments which the IELTS aspirants can practice for their preparation.

  56. Sarah Lee

    The comprehensive band 7+ complete preparation course with a free 5 in 1 academic ebook has 100+ lectures that help in overall IELTS preparation. Highly recommended!

  57. Fang Tung-Mei

    A one-stop guide for your ielts preparation. I worked hard, finished this course within a month and got eight bands in ielts.

  58. Tran Duong

    This course is recommended for IELTS preparation in all 4 sections: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. We also get a lifetime access to the course and a 30-day money-back guarantee in case of any issues.

  59. Zhao Shen

    The IELTS 7+ course helped me get a band score of 8.0 in the IELTS test. Detailed video lessons and mock tests prepared me for the Academic IELTS well in advance. The mentor was wonderful!

  60. Tim George

    This is one of the the best course material which includes questions for all the four sections, and it has 5-full length mock tests. I will recommend this material for all the IELTS aspirants.

  61. Sindhu Arora

    This comprehensive course plus ebook combo is everything that is needed for IELTS aspirants aiming for a band score of 7 or higher. The video lessons are for all 4 sections. Worth every penny!

  62. Anonymous

    This is one of the best course for the IELTS aspirants. It covers all the four sections with 5 full-length mock tests. 24+ Hours of video content is also provided which can be accessed anytime by the learners.

  63. Steve Dudley

    All sections are appropriately explained and there are enough practice tests to prepare you for the test.

  64. Chetan Ambler

    This complete IELTS preparation course includes questions and model answers that help in complete preparation. Different strategies are included that helps us achieve the highest band score. The free 5 in 1 Academic ebook covers all sections of IELTS preparation.

  65. Chau Nguyen

    This course has everything from how to strategize your answers to how to deliver it. The model answers in the 5 in 1 combo pack are so helpful. I recommend this course to everyone who is preparing for the IELTS exam.

  66. Wang Wen

    This comprehensive band 7+ complete preparation course includes skill based lessons and practice assignments that helped me in my Academic IELTS test. The purchase was easy and I received the free 5 in 1 Academic ebook instantly on completing the purchase.

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