Tips & Tricks for cracking IELTS


Key Features of the Tips and Tricks ebook:

  • Detailed discussion for each IELTS section separately
  • Examples are provided and explained
  • Sample Practice tests at the end of each section
  • Added details on methods to improve your skills


Tips and tricks are crucial to your preparation, especially for exams like IELTS. You might learn how to answer every type of question, but making it quick and efficient within that time frame can only be accomplished with the help of these tips. Therefore, we at IELTSMaterial have designed the ebook with its importance in mind to enhance your preparation experience.  What is included in this ebook? This ebook includes details on the format of each section along with a thorough discussion on tips, one sample paper has been added at the end of each section and their answers are provided at the end.  Why are tips important for IELTS?

  • They help you in time management by quickening the process of answering the questions.
  • Along with time efficiency, they reduce the number of mistakes one can make if he/she pays attention.
  • Once you incorporate them into your preparation course provides you with a lot of confidence and enhances your skills.

Why will you choose this ebook is included in this ebook? If you believe in self-preparation or have got advanced language skills, this ebook will guide you to use these tricks to increase efficiency. It will save a lot of your precious time and help you to give your absolute best. Even if you are choosing to go for a course, you can apply these tips while you practise the mock tests and impress your trainer with your improved language skills. Who are these test sets prepared for?

  • IELTS aspirants who are preparing for the computer-based exam as they need USA, UK, AU, or Canadian University admission should choose these sets.
  • Students who are looking to score more than IELTS Band 7 should practise these tests regularly.


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