Comprehensive IELTS Listening Band 8 Preparation Course

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This ebook is one of the most successful products that we offer to students and is top-rated on our website with a rating of 5/5 based on 1M+ views and orders.

  • 48 parts (audios and transcripts) with cohesive replies.
  • 100+ pages
  • Approaching Distractors & Signposting Language Audio as a Study Technique
  • Audio Materials: Listening to a variety of English accents and speech patterns will help students improve their listening abilities.
  • Progress monitoring Performance review to monitor your development
  • Techniques & Advice: tips on how to approach various inquiry kinds as well as suggestions on how to enhance listening abilities.
  • Answer key by IELTS trainers with certification
  • 1:1 Counseling Session for FREE

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This book will offer you things that you can’t get anywhere else. Let’s see what it comprises:

  • The abundance of free practice tools and the self-paced study content that students enjoy is the ideal match.
  • One of the main benefits of the self-paced content offered by an LMS is accessibility.
  • The updated ebooks with real practice sets and extra mock examinations offer a comprehensive range of practice, evaluation, and progress.
  • Most importantly, you’ll save a tonne of money with this all-inclusive package!

FREE 1:1 Live Counseling Session

Upon successful payment of the purchase, you will receive an email with downloadable links for eBooks and a link directing to a form for registering for a FREE 1:1 counseling session. Once you fill out the form, a sample 1:1 session will be scheduled for you with one of our star trainers.

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51 reviews for Comprehensive IELTS Listening Band 8 Preparation Course

  1. Amritaksha Roy

    I got to know about this course from random advertisements on internet. It dragged my attention. I bought few of the books including this course. Needless to say , this course isn’t only descriptive but factual. I passed with flying colours.

  2. Aniket Roy

    I bought this course a month before. I will be sitting for my exam next month. It not only increased my confidence but also enlightened me on various aspects of Listening Test.

  3. Sayan Paul

    My father bought me this course few months before. By this time, I have bought more or less all the books of the same publication. It really helped me to prepare well for the examination

  4. armanish

    The course contains descriptive and introductive listening questions with tips and tricks and questions . I think it is the most affordable courses to buy.

  5. Alia Das

    This course has guided me to excel in my examination and get a good university. If you have doubts , take it from me, this course is nothing but a blessing.

  6. Kuhu Dey

    The set of mock tests, tips and lectures are assembled together in this course. I was not confident at first and now it has become my greatest strength

  7. Prakhar Dey

    I loved this course inside out. The guidance, tips, strategies, mock questions everything just made my preparation so good that I was happy with the scores of my mock tests . Hope I do well in the original exam too.

  8. Zhi Ruo

    I have been studying for the IELTS for the past 4 months. Previously, I had taken coaching from a private coaching center. However, I coincidentally found this IELTS Listening course online. Honestly, this is by far the best course for Listening preparation. It includes interesting strategies and lots of practice tests for IELTS Listening preparation.

  9. Wang Shu

    This course helped me improve and strengthen my listening skills with a wide range of practice tests, tips and provided strategies to approach different question types. Furthermore, it provided me guidance on how to correct my errors, and it helped me pass my IELTS listening exam with an 8 band.

  10. Abbe Muller

    Secured a fantastic score in the Listening section (8.5 band). This course helped me with correct strategies, tips on how to improve on my mistakes, and the right amount of practice tests to prepare for the Listening section. I highly recommend this to everyone who is struggling to achieve a good band score in their IELTS exam.

  11. Rajiv Dubey

    Strongly recommended! I found this course very useful. This course helped me get familiar with IELTS various listening question formats and question types. In the exam, I used all of the tips and strategies that were given in the course and achieved an 8.5 band score.

  12. tojni

    There are examples of the IELTS listening questions with suggestions which really supported by listening skill!! The practice papers with the different sets of questions with various topics is the finest part of this course.

  13. Tony

    There are several practice test papers, tips and techniques of listening test that really helped to perform well in the exam . I am really satisfied and confident by getting my exam cleared successfully!! I personally suggest everybody to read and practise the questionnaires from this course regularly.

  14. Divya Sharma

    This course helped me crack the IELTS listening test with an 8 band score on my first attempt. The included lessons are very helpful and simple to follow and cover a wide range of topics, including numerous strategies and practice tests to develop your test-taking abilities and enhance your listening skills.

  15. Rohini Iyer

    The course material consists of 15+ lectures, practice listening tests, and includes all the question typed and their strategies. This material has been specially created by IELTS band 9 experts with aim of making the aspirants to communicate effectively and develop their listening skills. The course material comes along with an eBook worth $37. I solely relied upon this Comprehensive IELTS Listening Band 8 Preparation Course which enhanced my listening skills and helped me gain 8.5 band score in the IELTS exam.

  16. Piya Kohli

    A perfect guidance! If you want to enhance your listening skills for the IELTS Listening tests, then you must completely depend on the comprehensive IELTS Listening Band 8 Preparation Course which has been designed with an objective of improving and building up the Listening skills of the aspirants. I went through the material thoroughly and practiced the model listening tests regularly which helped me score a band of 8 in the IELTS exam. I’d highly recommend this course material for someone who wants to achieve more than band 8 in the IELTS Listening tests.

  17. Rahul Dev

    This course material is a perfect learning material for the IELTS Listening module as it contains more than 15+ lectures, practice listening tests, questions types, secret tips and strategies, and live class examples. During my research for a genuine course material, I came across IELTSMATERIAL platform which provided genuine online resources and materials which has been specifically curated by band 9 IELTS experts. Therefore, I purchased the comprehensive IELTS Listening Band 8 Preparation Course and practised all the Listening tests regularly which helped me to achieve my desired band score of 8.5 in the IELTS exam. Interestingly, the material comes along with an Ebook with actual tests, learning coupons, etc.

  18. Rima

    The better way to have high score in the exam is to practise thoroughly and regularly this course . If you make good use of this course you will definitely score above band 7 in the exam .

  19. Roshan

    The content of this course is having perfect sequence with introduction , listening tips and techniques and different sets of practice papers. We can get proper and full guidance from this course.

  20. James Din

    I’d like to thank IELTSMATERIAL platform for offering such an excellent course material at such an amazing discount. Moreover, I passed the IELTS exam only with the help of this comprehensive IELTS Listening Band 8 Preparation Course material. I regularly worked on the practice assignments, tips & techniques, secret strategies to crack the IELTS Listening module, etc. The material strengthened and developed my listening skills and English proficiency. Therefore, I’d suggest anyone aiming to score a band 8+ score in the IELTS exam should definitely buy this course material.

  21. Ranjeet Singh

    One of the best course material for the IELTS Listening module. The course material consists of contents which has been designed by band 9 IELTS experts and it contains 15+ lectures, questions types and their strategies, model listening tests, secret tips & techniques, etc. After purchasing the course material, I solely relied upon the practice tests which helped me to achieve my desired score of band 8.5 in the IELTS exam. Also, the material is offered with a free ebook worth $37.

  22. apshari

    This course is perfect for us to prepare for the IELTS exam . The content of this course is descriptive and explanatory .

  23. akash

    I have passed the exam by scoring great marks. I have just practised regularly from this course and acquired a keen sense of different accents and pronunciation.

  24. Ankita

    This course has different types listening questions, different practice sets and is a perfect guide for the students who are preparing for IELTS

  25. Manisha

    I have this course with me and I am practising from the topics regularly , where I am able to get perfect guidance.

  26. sashi

    I have bought this course and I would also suggest everybody to buy it. The contents of the course are perfect for the exam preparation.

  27. Krishna

    Buying this course is not at all a waste of money . This course will help you practise and nourish your skills. Other than exams you can focus on making your English perfect.

  28. anindita

    Got proper guidance of the listening test papers and learnt the secret of success through tips and tricks. This is the best that we can have before the exam !!

  29. Heena Khan

    I scored an overall Band 9 , and I wouldn’t review this if this hadn’t been the absolute thing for my success. If you are a IELTS aspirant, I would highly recommend this course.

  30. Koushiki Dutta

    I bought this course. It has all the information that are needed to be kept in my mind before the examination. I recommend this to every aspirant

  31. Diya Dutta

    I am an aspirant. I read and followed this course daily for Listening tests. I really felt confident about the exam after that.

  32. Faria Mallik

    I would recommend everyone to buy this course. It not only boosts your confidence but also enlightens you on various aspects of Listening. I have been using this for a long time now.

  33. Somdatta Sen

    IELTS Listening was difficult unless I came across this course. It really helped me prepare and gain confidence.

  34. Katha Sen

    This course entirely describes all the details about Listening test. This is really handy before the examination. It is a good investment

  35. Rajanya Dey

    I have passed the exam with decent score and I think , this course material has guided me throughout. They also have a collection of books which I followed. I would recommend buying this course

  36. Varsha Poddar

    I have a band score of 9 and it is all for this course. It developed and polished my skills.

  37. Saloni Roy

    This course taught me to how to prepare for an examination in an organised way. It has helped me crack the test with flying colours.

  38. Alia Roy

    I would recommend buying this course because it guides you from the beginning till the end. Everything becomes understandable.

  39. Kankana Majumdar

    Highly recommended course. I followed this and needless to say , it helped me to learn to concentrate and answer questions without less errors

  40. Lohit Ray

    This course boosted my confidence alongside imparting knowledge. I recommend this to everyone reading this review to know about the course.

  41. Dwaipayan Khan

    I have a band score of 8.5 . And it is possible all because of the courses of this particular site

  42. Kritika Sethi

    Buying this course was the best decision as it helped me pass my IELTS exam with good score.

  43. Nitin Bakshi

    This course is detailed and explains every part of the listening section in detail. A good, handy resource for IELTS aspirants.

  44. Rohan Sharma

    Being an IELTS aspirant, I religiously followed this course and achieved a good band score. Really happy!

  45. Rima Gaikwad

    There is perfect guidelines for the IELTS exam . I m glad to practise the listening tests with this course.

  46. Fatima Shaikh

    I am surely going to recommend this course to everybody as it helps enhance the listening section and boost confidence.

  47. Sana Khan

    I bought this course on the recommendation of my friend and now I recommend it to everybody.

  48. tanisha

    This course contains all kinds of questions . This Listening course is the perfect guidance to score a good band.

  49. priya

    I have passed with a good band with the help of this course . I bought this after going through the content.

  50. prakriti

    I am a learning aspirant and I want learn listening skills . So I do regular practice from this book which is very affordable.

  51. Akash Singh

    A band score of 8 became much easier with the help of this course. It guided me throughout and I think the tips and strategies really was important to remember by.

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