IELTS (General): Learner’s kit (5 in 1 Actual Tests eBook Combo )|(January – June 2024)

(103 customer reviews)


  • This ebook combo is one of our Bestsellers with a rating of 4.94 out of 5 based on the 1M+ visits and orders.
    • Listening: 48 sections with Answer Keys (Audios + Transcripts) (190+ pages)
    • Reading: 36 passages with answers (250+ pages)
    • Speaking: 30 Part 1 and 30 Part 2 & 3 topics with Band 9 sample answers and audios (160+ pages)
    • Writing Task 1: 20 sets of Band 9 sample letters of each type (100+ pages)
    • Writing Task 2: 36 Band 7 & Band 9 sample essays (200+ pages)
    • FREE 1:1 Counseling Session with trainer

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You might be wondering why with so many free ebooks available on the market, why should you buy this ebook combo, right?

Well, here’s why!

Each Ebook of this Comprehensive Combo has special features like:

  • A Learning Pathway that offers a vision of the ebook in brief.
  • A Detailed Guide provides insight on how to use the ebook efficiently with types of questions and detailed examples.
  • The Study Method section explains different techniques to apply for each module and overall tips & tricks to enhance the preparation journey.
  • Practice with Help engages in solving the various types of questions with advice for each type, followed by expert-curated answers.
  • Performance Checks help to evaluate the scores and track the progress after each practice test.
  • Student Space (in Writing & Reading ebooks) offers a space after every test to make note-taking easy, which might be useful for the next practice.

But, that’s not all, folks!!

Each of the five ebooks have their own attractions. Let’s check those out before the final decision.

Specific Details for Each Ebook:

Name of Ebook Contents
IELTS Listening: Focusing on Listening Keenly (January – June 2023)
  • Details of IELTS Listening.
  • Discussion on Distractors & Signposting language with examples.
  • Picturization of important concepts for easy retention.
  • 12 Listening tests (48 parts) with Audio.
  • Answer key & Answer Key Guide by IELTS Trainers at the end.
IELTS Speaking: Channeling the voice in 30 days (January – June 2023)
  • Details of IELTS Speaking
  • 20 Part 1 Topics & 40 Part 2 and 3 topics.
  • Sample answers by IELTS Experts.
  • Band 9 Vocabulary specifically highlighted for topic.
  • Audios of each topic for practice.
  • Audios for each practice type.
IELTS Reading (General Training) Actual Tests with Answers (January – June 2023) – eBook
  • Details of IELTS General Reading.
  • Pictorial representation of key concepts.
  • 12 Reading tests (36 passages) along with answers.
  • Answer Keys by certified IELTS Trainers provided at the end of the e-book.
IELTS Writing Task 1 (General Training) Actual Test with Sample Answers (January – June 2023) – eBook
  • Details of IELTS General Writing Task 1 – Letter Writing.
  • Sample Letters with breakdown of each section for optimizing learning.
  • 20 Practice sets of letters (60 letters) with Band 9 sample answers.

Note:- Each set contains 1 formal, semi-formal and informal letter.

IELTS Writing 2.0: Ways to Write Band 9 Essays (January – June 2023)
  • Details of IELTS Writing Task 2
  • 36 essays divided into 2 band segments & arranged according to the essay types; for
  •  those having a lower band score and those already having a good grasp of the language.
  • Strategy for each essay type.
  • Sample answers for each topic prepared by IELTS Trainers.
  • Glossary of words for each sample answer.

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What do our customers say about ebooks?

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What does our Customer say about eBooks?

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103 reviews for IELTS (General): Learner’s kit (5 in 1 Actual Tests eBook Combo )|(January – June 2024)

  1. Satnam Singh (verified owner)

    Complete material is valuable for everyone who want to preparation at home

  2. Yatin Patel (verified owner)

    What a amazing material it is….

  3. Yatin Patel (verified owner)

    With help this material,you will be sure about your confidence to get desired bands in ielts

  4. shwetagandhi444 (verified owner)

    Very knowledgeable and good source to prepare for IELTS.

  5. Anshul shahi (verified owner)

    Finding it good

  6. robin (verified owner)

    Well this kind of book i was eagerly waiting for preparing IELTS exam. However, I had visited and studied many material related to this course, but couldn’t get desired results. But this one is for sure i would recommend everybody and specially for those who wants to fetch 8 7 7 7 in IELTS.

  7. Doods Domingo (verified owner)

    This is such a comprehensive review material for those who want to truly ACE the IELTS especially those who are applying for immigrants and for work. The listening audio is very clear and easy to follow, the level of difficulties in reading is increasing per section which hones the comprehension of the taker and the writing tasks are truly reflective of the actual exam. The speaking topics are truly amazing as the takers are exposed to a gamut of questions that they can practice. Highly recommended!!!

  8. Prabhjot Pathak (verified owner)

    A well organised material.

  9. Godwin Dsouza (verified owner)

    This is an excellent e-books to prepare for IELTS General. Easy to understand the topics. I would recommend this to anyone taking IELTS.

  10. Gursewak Sidhu (verified owner)

    Highly informative books..

  11. Soumita Deb (verified owner)

    This is an excellent set of 5 e-books. Easy to understand and directions to study are very simple to understand and relate. I would recommend this to anyone taking IELTS.

  12. Dinesh kumar (verified owner)

    It is really nice

  13. SHIRAJ GAGNEJA (verified owner)

    The overall material is quite useful and It does cover complete IELTS requirements. So go for it.

  14. Chakrapani Yanamandra (verified owner)

    Nice pack, right now practicing with it.
    Surely I think I will get a better score

  15. Kunal kanti dey (verified owner)

    All in one book is one of the best book i found,best way to prepare ielts by your own.Highly recommendable as it is very handy to use….

  16. Hrushikesh Belapurkar (verified owner)

    Very good for preparing IELTS. Highly recommended!!!!

  17. Murali Krishna (verified owner)


  18. Tarek Sarawar (verified owner)

    I think that this IELTS e-book is very much helpful for those persons who are not native in English. I am also non native user.

  19. Sivaram (verified owner)

    An incredible range of topics is covered with appropriate vocabulary!!

  20. Sivaram K (verified owner)

    Best in class IELTS materials I’ve ever got!!!

  21. Narasimha Domala (verified owner)


  22. Mohammad Bsoul (verified owner)

    It’s a great material and has all you need to get a band you are looking for . I love it I definitely recommend this material to everyone struggling with IELTS exam preparation .

  23. Senthil Nathan (verified owner)

    This book helped me to learn all part of IELTS without difficulty. I will recommend everyone to go for it without doubt.

  24. Mac

    Incredible points. Great arguments. Keep up the good effort.

  25. Barinder (verified owner)

    I had to say this is so far the best e-book material I have ever used for IELTS preparation. It covers everything that is required for IELTS practice. Starting from listening to writing, they have covered all the questions of different forms.

  26. Sidibe

    Nothing to worried , This book is the best ielts preparation book I have ever Seen. In the beginning , I thought that buying this book will be a waste of money , but , I was wrong.

  27. Jake Torres

    I got an overall band score of 8 (LRWS 9787). This book was what I majorly depended on. I had questions very similar to exercises in these books.

  28. Tim Henry

    It’s the best combo of books I could have had for preparing for IELTS by myself. I regret not ordering it earlier. Go for it if you’re doing self-study at home.

  29. Misty

    Wow, that’s what I was exploring for, what a data!
    present here at this web site, thanks admin of this web page.

  30. Koay Bai

    68 essays and over 25+ letters, no wonder people are so happy purchasing this combo. It is a sure shot scoring for ielts.

  31. Shane Bao

    Buy this and go through all the sections religiously. Do attempt all the tests in the end , the week before your exam and you’ll ace it.

  32. Phạm Chao

    These five books played a vital role in my band scores. Yes, I got an overall 8 in IELTS.

  33. Phuong

    The exclusive combo pack of IELTS exam preparation content contains five best books that include more than 10 Reading Practice tests with Answer keys, listening practice tests, Essays, Letters, Introduction Questions, Cue Cards, and Discussion Questions.

  34. JinJing

    This combo e-book set helped me a lot with my preparation. With the help of this e-book, I managed to clear the IELTS exam with a good band score on my first attempt. It offers tips which will surely help to get a high score. Moreover, you can also practice more than 100 questions from different sections, in which they have also included the answer key and sample answers.

  35. Chau Li

    This is an excellent set of 5 e-books. Easy to understand and directions to study are very simple to understand and relate. I would recommend this to anyone taking IELTS.

  36. LiLing

    I ordered this e-book combo since I had a short time to prepare for the IELTS exam. All the modules are explained well with tricks and tips. It really helped me perform better. Practised all the tests given in the ebooks, and it will be enough to clear your IELTS with a high band.

  37. Caitlin

    I purchased a combo pack, on the recommendation by a friend. But I had to say this is so far the best e-book material I have ever used for IELTS preparation. It covers everything that is required for IELTS practice. Starting from listening to writing, they have covered all the questions of different forms.

  38. Chiranjeev

    This 5 in combo e-book covers every topic that can be expected in the IELTS with tips and strategies to approach the questions, which helped me a lot for cracking the exam. They have given practice questions with sample answers in an organized manner, making it easy to follow.

  39. Lavendar Ray

    The combo provided me enough practice to prepare for the IELTS Exam. The suggestions from the trainers also helped me a lot in the preparations.

  40. Michael Slughorn

    I am an IELTS trainer. I came across this book in an online session with other instructors. It did indeed help me train my students better.

  41. Xiao Ling

    This e-book covers all the important aspects of the IELTS exam. Apart from that, another unique feature is the tricks and suggestions given by the trainers.

  42. Bonnie Cormac

    It was my third attempt for IELTS exam. This book helped me a lot in overcoming my past mistakes and qualifying the exam.

  43. Sophia

    The book covers listening, speaking, reading, and writing topics. It helps you enhance your skills. For people like me who lack writing skills, the book comes with different types of essays and letter writings.

  44. Albert

    The detailed explanations given for writing section in the combo helped me to understand the logic behind every question type in writing. The trainers also provide you with tips. These books are brilliant!

  45. Nuwa

    Amazing e-books! All sections of IELTS are covered. This is a very good practice material as it contains actual tests with answers. It also helps us to tackle difficult questions with some worthy tips in between.

  46. Deming Wu

    The book contains all possible question types. I was able to identify important questions that could be asked in the exam. It is a great price saver too!

  47. Liam

    Contains books for all the sections such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking. I strongly recommend this book to IELTS aspirants.

  48. Harry

    This is a one-stop solution for IELTS aspirants. An all-in-one combo covering question types for all 4 sections in IELTS.

  49. Chester

    The book has latest questions and answers. I practised these questions, and I was able to finish the test within the stipulated time. And with a good score too!!

  50. Sophia

    I didn’t have time to prepare for the exam. Luckily a friend suggested this book. The sample answers for speaking and writing are very good. They’ve even shared the latest questions for practice. With the help of these books, I was able to score an 8!

  51. Mithila S

    Excellent e-book. This combo contains all the question types for all sections. It helped me a lot in clearing the IELTS exam.

  52. Drishti

    This combo pack of e-book is the best for everyone. M so glad that I came across this material. It has explained different approaches to solve or answer each section and all kinds of questions.

  53. Shivanand

    A must-buy! The explanations are simple and understandable. The tricks shared by the experts will help you to score a good band. Also, it has latest questions with answers.

  54. Emily

    I was worried about the reading and writing section, but the ebook comes with different kinds of letters and essays. It’s brilliant!

  55. Dean Brown

    The IELTS (General) 5 in 1 Actual Tests Ebook Combo helped me prepare for all the tests in IELTS Exam, including [Listening + Speaking + Reading + Writing Task 1+ Task 2]

  56. huynh

    These are some of the best books I’ve come across. This combo is a comprehensive and versatile source for IELTS preparation as it contains materials for all sections of IELTS.

  57. Rashid Akhtar

    This combo has the latest tests and is ideal for the preparation.

  58. Wang Wei

    I was worried about how an ebook would help me learn, but I was wrong! This is simpler than purchasing a book from the market. The instructions are clear, and it’s easy to use.

  59. Sarah Keech

    Excellent set of 5 series books. Real tests and great sample answers. Tips, Strategies are explained well.

  60. Bhagya

    The book covers all the topics of IELTS and offers some excellent advice for cracking the exam. It has model questions, and the answers are also provided at the end of the book. The book is neatly organized, and it is easy to follow.

  61. Mayur Goyal

    All actual tests and with sample answers. Very helpful for IELTS aspirants. Perhaps the best guide. I would love to see more like these in the future.

  62. Olivia Martin

    IELTS is a test that requires practice and persistence. A friend of mine recommended this book. I agree as to why she thinks it is the best book! The best thing is that it has sample answers written by experts, which helped me learn how to attempt a specific question. These books have made it easier for me to prepare for the test. You must give it a try!

  63. Alex

    This 5 in 1 e-book combo has everything you need for IELTS preparation. I got this e-book set after lots of searches. It covers all aspects of the exam, from reading to writing, with strategies and tips to clear every section. Excellent combo and value for money!

  64. Chester

    Can’t wait to recommend this ebook to my friends! I learnt a lot through the process. The lessons are simplified and crystal-clear.

  65. Sam David

    Many sample tests are similar to the ones in the actual exam. The tape scripts helped me to locate answers easily for the listening section.

  66. Bebe Ahn

    The sample answers in this book combo are the best. I studied this book only and was easily able to get a good score.

  67. Henry

    Folks, this e-book combo is a saviour for all those who are struggling with IELTS preparation.

  68. Joe

    Best workbook combo you can get for IELTS preparation. I got everything I needed for my preparation. It has helped me understand the pattern of each section and how to manage time for each. I would recommend this e-book to any IELTS test taker.

  69. Bi

    IELTS preparation with this combo pack made life so easy. This is so resourceful. I prepared with this and did not need anything else. As it covers every section in depth.

  70. Damon Winchester

    The 5 in 1 combo is one of the best books for IELTS preparartion. The tips and techniques given by the trainers and the experts helped me a lot. Definitely worth the price.

  71. Ria Jain

    This is an exemplary combo pack. I recommend this combo for the aspirants as it is very helpful in guiding them.

  72. Yashasvini Dutta

    This is a good set of books for IELTS general. These books comprises all topics of IELTS. Students will not need other books if they want to score nine bands in IELTS.

  73. Arun Nair

    This all-in-one e-book helps you prepare from scratch. It covers all the question types and provides answers too. The sample answers for the writing and speaking section are very helpful.

  74. Katelyn

    This IELTS ebook is an ideal choice. The answers are given at the end of the ebooks, which is excellent! It is low-cost, and it covered all the topics I needed to crack the exam.

  75. Jack

    I will definitely recommend this combo for IELTS aspirants. It contains materials needed for the basic understanding of the exam. It also contains several sample test papers that are highly contentious.

  76. Noah

    Has all the required material for listening, writing, reading and speaking, which includes practice papers and more. This e-book is so helpful. My personal experience using this has been wonderful. Now I am very confident.

  77. Cameron

    I was preparing for my exam in a very short duration. Definitely, these five e-books supported me to prepare well. Its a great book.

  78. Ly Duong

    This IELTS combo has model answers from top IELTS trainers, which is valuable for beginners as it gives them an idea of what is expected from them during the actual test. I totally relied on this single book for my IELTS preparation.

  79. Noah Silver

    Best combo! It has everything that a person needs to ace the actual test. It has helped me a lot in understanding the test pattern and time management. I would recommend this for its extensive sample answers, and I’m sure it will help you score high bands.

  80. Linh Ho

    This book has plenty of sample answers for writing and speaking sections. It is reasonably priced too.

  81. Tran Hwa

    The IELTS 5 in 1 E-book Combo provides strategies to use in the IELTS test. Hence we know what is expected from us during the test and how to tackle various questions. It helped me a lot in reading, writing, speaking, and listening sections.

  82. Horace Filtch

    The most unique feature of the book is the sample answers and suggestions by IELTS trainers. It really helped me a lot while preparing for IELTS Exam.

  83. Percy Blaise

    Excellent combo!! This book helped me cover all the aspects of the IELTS Exams.

  84. Victor Riddle

    I was introduced to this book by my brother. It was a total game-changer while preparing for IELTS Exams.

  85. Tran Hung

    I am a professor and I teach students how to crack the IELTS exam. This book is 1 of the best 1 came across in 7yrs of my career. I have recommended this book to my students. This is definitely worh the purchase if you are preparing for IELTS exam.

  86. Jing

    This material is so easy to use because everything is explained with immense clarity. Highly recommend it!

  87. Dinh

    This combo pack of e-book for IELTS preparation is the best buy for all the right reasons. It helps you prepare from scratch.

  88. Jacob

    The best part about this purchase was its price and the exhaustive coverage. It has answers for all 4 sections. The tips and tricks were so helpful!

  89. Li Jun

    Not many books come with questions and model answers to practice, but this ebook has them all. I would highly recommend it to my friends.

  90. Zhao Wen

    It is hard to find a good study material to prepare for the IELTS and even harder to find one that gives us an idea of what the listening and speaking tests will be like, but the IELTS 5 in 1 e book Combo covers all of that and more. Highly recommend buying this book.

  91. Latha S

    IELTS (General) 5 in 1 Actual Tests Ebook Combo is without any doubt the best buy. It has helped me score 8.5 in my IETLS examination. I can’t thank enough.

  92. Malar

    These e-books are brilliant! I’m so glad I bought these books. Every section is explained in detail with tips to approach it efficiently. Especially, the writing book has detailed explanations, which made it easy to understand the logic behind every question type in writing.
    Must-buy book!

  93. Diksha Vohra

    The 5 in 1 combo book is like all IELTS preparation under the same roof. I had to stop my hunt for several books to cover all aspects of the exam. The combination has been designed meticulously keeping in mind the requirement of aspirants. Glad I trusted my instincts and they proved to be 100% correct.

  94. Charles Cromwell

    The IELTS (General Training) 5 in 1 E-book Combo is a one-stop-shop for all the materials one requires for preparing for their IELTS. It even has tests for all 4 sections, making it easier for us to get an idea of what we can expect during the actual test.

  95. Trang

    Since this is a combo pack, I don’t have to depend on any other material for my IELTS preparation. It covers all sections and has a lot of sample answers.

  96. Zhang Yong

    The 5 in 1 combo is a total value for money. Strategies in essay writing helped me a lot!

  97. Sheetal Rao

    The IELTS 5 in 1 E-book Combo contains 2 dedicated books for the writing tests, giving us more and enough resources to prepare for the IELTS. The other books trains us in reading, speaking, and listening to score wonderfully in the IELTS examination.

  98. Gerard

    An exemplary combo with all the information required to crack the exam!

  99. Jaby Victor

    I bought many other books before my IELTS exam; this undoubtedly was among the best. A true all-in-one purchase.

  100. Vishnu

    This book is a one-stop solution for IELTS preparation. It comes with 25 tapescripts and 68 essays! I highly recommend it!

  101. Anagha

    This combination was a game-changer for me, and I love it. The combo guarantees good scores. So highly recommended!!

  102. Anh Dan

    Complete combo for preparing ielts at home. Over 150 tests for all the examination sections.

  103. Aarav Sharma

    This is an all-in-one book and has all the questions, one needs to crack the IELTS and get a good score. Will definitely recommend this to everyone preparing for the test.

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