Comprehensive IELTS Speaking Band 8 Preparation Course (Self paced)

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This essential Comprehensive IELTS Speaking Band 8 Preparation Course (Self paced) of ours is an ultimate best selling package of:

  • 4+ Hours of video content
  • Sample band 9 Answer Scripts
  • IELTS Certified Trainer
  • Band 9 Vocabulary related to specific topics
  • FREE eBook worth $37
  • FREE 1:1 Counselling Session

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  • It is a perfect blend of the self-paced study content that students prefer and the abundant practice materials that are offered for free.
  • Flexibility is one of the major advantages of the self-paced content that is provided through an LMS.
  • The mock tests and additional updated ebooks with actual practice sets provide a thorough scope of practice, assessment, and improvement.
  • Most importantly, this all-inclusive combo will save you a lot of money!

Hop on, let’s look into the ebook’s content now,

Course Content

Name of the Book Contents
IELTS Speaking Actual Tests with Answers (July – December 2023) | eBook
  • Specifics of IELTS Speaking ebook
  • Study Guide which will navigate you to perform well.
  • Practice with the Help section provided to help you understand your errors and how to fix it.
  • Tips & Tricks provided for each part.
  • Vocabulary – Building Exercises & Questions.
  • Audio was provided for each question as a reference.


Additional Benefit: FREE 1:1 Live Counselling Session

Upon successful payment of the purchase, you will receive an email with downloadable links for eBooks and a link directing to a form for registering for a FREE 1:1 counseling session.

Once you fill out the form, a sample 1:1 session will be scheduled for you with one of our star trainers.

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48 reviews for Comprehensive IELTS Speaking Band 8 Preparation Course (Self paced)

  1. Jatinder (verified owner)

    Ielts material e book have the most relevant material to get highest bands and I will recommend it to all those who wanna get desired result in first attempt

  2. lixia yan (verified owner)

    I am so happy that I found this valuable material for IELTS. I am struggling about ideas I need to take this test, this ebook saved my life, thank you so much!

  3. Prerna Shaw

    I bought this course , 10 days ago, and I feel lucky to have bought it. The strategies, lectures and tricks to follow are worth every penny. I highly recommend it for all beginners and aspirants. I wish I had this course earlier.

  4. Harshitha Ganguly

    I am an aspirant. I bought this material a month ago with this amazing discount. Leaving aside the discount, this course was nothing but a blessing. Everything is well described and well categorised.

  5. Raya Dey

    Speaking has been tough for me ,especially after coming from a Bengali background. This material had been my guiding star since day 1. The cue cards, the speaking part questions everything was beautifully structured.

  6. Rishi Sardana

    I must say your content is highly descriptive and efficient. I got a lot of information from this course. It helped me get a good IELTS band score too. Thank you for this.

  7. Ankush Chawala

    With descriptive content, this course offers amazing grammar and model answers along with questions. I can assure you that this course has the capability to improve your English. At least, it helped me improve mine.

  8. Salman Aalha

    I am happy with the IELTS band score I got. The entire preparation was done with this course. It is a total package with latest papers and their answers. Must try!

  9. Vansh Aanand

    This course really helped me improve my grammar and vocabulary. Its video content is easy to understand. The course helps you learn in a better way.

  10. Samira Sen

    I am very happy with the outcome of my IELTS examination. I think the amount of good information this course holds is beyond description. This book guided me throughout.

  11. Nipa Dutta

    I have a band score of 9 , but it was on my second attempt. There’s a huge difference of points between the two exams. This material has guided me well throughout the way by its rich information.

  12. Max Thomas

    This is Max here. My daughter has really scored a really good band in IELTS this year and I am very much happy and thankful for the material.

  13. Srajana Kanzarkar

    The course material was exemplary. And thanks for all the support and time to time updates which you have provided in the website which really helped in improvising not only vocabulary but my overall English.

  14. Aditya Paunikar

    Hii!! I m right now in California just because of your course material which helped me clear the IELTS exam and also gave me the oppurtunity to study abroad.

  15. anukriti

    The course contains description and information about various topics for better practice and performance. There are vocabulary, grammar and different sample papers for practice.

  16. Rohan

    This content descriptively defines the Speaking category of IELTS. I highly recommend this material to the aspirants.

  17. Bikramjit Das

    I have a band score of 9 and this book helped me throughout. The attractive lectures were really helpful. I learnt the lecturer’s accent and pronunciation and made sure I followed each point mentioned by them and the book. It really turned my table.

  18. Payel

    This material is one of the gem I have recently came across. I am preparing for the examination and undoubtedly it is the best material I have received for Speaking category.

  19. Rahim

    We will recommend this course for getting good content. I became knowledgeable because of this course material.

  20. Razam

    I’m very glad and proud to get this course with great content . The content is descriptive and good.

  21. Naina

    Highly recommended course. Filled with lots of information and details that might actually be required.

  22. Panchali

    I gained confidence after following this book. The book guided me along to know every little detail.

  23. Lexi

    I am very much happy to find this course online. I am happy with the money I invested on this.

  24. Sharanya

    I have a band score of 8.5 and it is all because of this course. I can now get to choose my desired University without worrying about the cut offs

  25. Jayanta Mondal

    This course is very factual and descriptive. It has guided me throughout. I am glad to find and buy this book , I made a wise decision.

  26. Joy Roy

    I prepared entirely from this material . You will get a clear and detailed idea of speaking and become fluent by learning from this book. It made me feel confident

  27. Sudhir Sharma

    I wanted to get a verified job in the states but I had to clear the IELTS first for that. But as soon as I started studying from your website it has helped me a lot in understanding what I really wanted to and how to exactly prepare for IELTS. I really want to appreciate all the efforts you all guys have put in to help students like me. This course really helped.

  28. Kartik Ahuja

    Your course really helped me a lot in working on my English and also helped me in the devising a study plan.

  29. Sunil Saxena

    Hi, I have been trying to clear my IELTS for the past three years but each year something or the other preparation was due from my side. But this time I used this course and got an exact idea of how to plan my studies. Also practice tests on your website has worked a lot for me in order to clear my IELTS. Thank you all for this amazing content

  30. Ritika Sable

    Hi it has been really a great thing to study with such helpful and exciting course material. You guys have always been there with new ideas to make concepts clear and also helped in vocabulary.

  31. ramnik

    This is a total course that you need to complete thoroughly for getting good marks in the exam. Vocabulary , grammar and different task with full answers are given on different topics . This will help to gain more knowledge and also it is the best material to correct our vocabulary and grammar.

  32. mariana

    This course has several comprehensive IELTS speaking questions with full answers and tips and tricks. It is a total package of the skills that we must have for giving IELTS exam. This book also contains several phrasal verb, fluency builders for different topics.

  33. takrin

    I am very excited to get this full course material with me. It contains so many topics with complete answers which are very exciting !! I feel very confident after I started my preparation with this material.

  34. gayatri

    I am very happy that I gave very good IELTS exam , as I my total preparation was from this course material . This is a total package of grammar, pronunciation skills , idioms and other task papers with answers.

  35. Yourik

    The content of this course is very descriptive and informative. It has phrasal verbs with exciting grammar and model answers with questions . You will get a refined speaking sense and become fluent by learning from this course . I am very much happy to found this course online.

  36. Panchajanya

    I cracked IELTS Examination with flying colours. All thanks to the Speaking course!!

  37. Kaushani Sen

    This course is the best investment for Speaking Part preparation. It includes tricks and strategies to follow. I would highly recommend one to follow this book.

  38. Gargi Roy

    I had a score of 9 band score and I think this course with many other books of this site is the reason for my success.

  39. Tanshu Sharma

    The course is really helpful and made me improve a lot of things. Satisfied and happy.

  40. Nidhi Khan

    I am happy to announce this material had been my constant guide throughout the preparation of my IELTS examination.

  41. Atharva Dharulkar

    The course is very much effective and also influences a lot to students to study hard and be well prepared for the exams.

  42. Yash Saoji

    This website not only has the content for IELTS but also has all phrases and idioms and also very vast vocabulary which helped in gaining a good knowledge. The course material helped me improve my English speaking skills.

  43. prakash

    This material is very helpful with lot of content and I feel very proud to get this material through online mode.

  44. prachi

    From this material, we get to know the skills and techniques to crack the exam . This material is full of practice papers and guidance with lots of practice sets with model answers .

  45. abhishek

    I get to know different topics with new words and vocabulary, model answers for different questions etc. I practise regularly for better result.

  46. Rajrupa

    If you want to strengthen your speaking sense, follow this material and their lectures. I can sense the improvements.

  47. Tathai

    I am really grateful to IELTS Material for this material . Its really descriptive and informative.

  48. Ritu

    I am very happy to have made this purchase. The content is perfect and I got good guidance.

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