Vocabulary for IELTS (Essential words for popular topics in IELTS)

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This ebook is one of the most successful products that we offer to students and is top-rated on our website with a rating of 5/5 based on 80+ user reviews.

  • 12 Vocabulary Parts
  • Glossary specific to each topic
  • Idioms and Phrasal verbs
  • Intense Vocabulary-Building Exercises
  • Strategies to improve the overall hold of the language
  • A well-organized essay on each subject

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An introduction to the eBook highlights the importance of vocabulary in the IELTS exam.

  1. Each ebook topic is broken down into three categories: exercises, essays, and glossaries.
  2. The glossary includes brand-new words associated with each topic that will help you perform well on the IELTS exam.
  3. For certain themes, the exercises assist students to comprehend how to use the words in the glossary.
  4. Introduce students to new idioms or phrasal verbs pertinent to the topic, which helps students get an 8+ band score.
  5. An IELTS teacher creates a well-known essay on the subject using words associated with it.

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77 reviews for Vocabulary for IELTS (Essential words for popular topics in IELTS)

  1. Ajay Singh saroha (verified owner)

    Superb vocabulary ebook which covers topics wise.

  2. Ajay singh saroha (verified owner)

    This vocabulary book is superb and also explain it through essay.

  3. angelperezr90 (verified owner)

    This book is very useful. I’ve learned a lot of new words and vocabulary. Feeling much more secure in the writing section.

  4. Abhay Sharma (verified owner)

    The content is something that I had been looking for quite a long time. And I am very much satisfied with the purchase.

  5. Sufi Mohammad Ayaz Iqbal (verified owner)

    This ebook is an excellent resource for IELTS prep with its emphasis on glossary and exercise. Indeed the best one!

  6. Ashok Kumar (verified owner)

    Nice and informative book which helps you crack IELTS with flying colours

  7. Sanjeev Pandey (verified owner)

    The exercises are very useful and the essays as well. It helps you to understand the usage of the words, rather than just providing just a list of words.

  8. A.Gardner (verified owner)

    The book is easy to understand. The words provided in this book are great. It is worth giving it a try!

  9. Mohammad (verified owner)

    It’s a useful material which has many vocabularies it will be extremely helpful for writing and speaking sections

  10. Laura Calabrese (verified owner)

    The vocabulary and definitions are great and very useful, perfect for the IELTS. But there are some errors in the example sentences and essays, for example misplaced apostrophes and what appear to be typos – for example “Ever since my marriage, my ______ cooks’ dinner.” And ” differences in viewpoints do leads to various problems such as lack of intergenerational communication.” If this were a grammar book it would need some editing, but it’s a vocabulary book, and in that respect it’s great.

  11. Hardeep Singh (verified owner)

    it’s a good book, i was expecting to have more relatable vocabulary

  12. Kieu

    I learnt a lot from this book. The words, and exercises honed my writing and speaking skills. Worth buying!

  13. Lillian

    There is vocabulary for almost every common topic!!! By reading this book, we can improve vocabulary for speaking and writing sections.

  14. Qing Yuan

    The book is packed with a lot of new words , idioms and phrases. The purchase was also very smooth.

  15. Dingbang

    The book not only lists words but also has essays showing how the words should be used. The essays were very helpful to me.

  16. Caihong

    Love this ebook! I was wondering at how many new words we can use in daily topics like health… Very helpful in my IELTS preparation!!

  17. Rabnit

    All exam specific topics and related vocabulary. Very useful for IETLS preparation!!

  18. Nabhay

    I gave my IELTS Academic recently. There were questions from the topics in the ebook !! It was worth buying one.

  19. Maahir

    The best part in the book is that they have not only given words but also essays showing how the words should be used. Easy to learn, this way!!

  20. lily

    The words helped me to improve my vocabulary.

  21. Oliver

    This book helped me learn the words given in the glossary without memorising it, because of the exercises. That was really helpful for me!

  22. Paul

    A one stop solution to vocabulary needs. Contains all common topics. High chances of getting them in the exam!!

  23. Fabius

    The exercises helped me a lot!! By solving them, I was getting confident on the vocabulary part.

  24. Natori

    The words and essays are uncommon and match the standard of IELTS. A must buy!!

  25. Gerard

    I love the exercises in this book. They helped me understand the usage of words. The answers are also provided at the end. After I had done them all, I felt confident.

  26. Owen

    Whenever I had to practise writing an essay, I used to search on the internet for words related to it. But this book has it all, vocabulary and an essay related to the topic. Very good one!

  27. Helena

    Very resourceful with new words, idioms and phrases. Also they have implemented all these in essays which explain clearly on how they have to used contextually.

  28. Anthony

    Valuable ebook indeed! Everything necessary to ace the vocabulary is in this!

  29. Aaric

    I’m completely satisfied with the purchase. A complete set of new words for exam-related topics.

  30. Chaital

    A complete guide to IELTS vocabulary !! I learnt a lot of new words.

  31. Elvin

    After completing the exercises in the book, my confidence level increased. I was able to use the new words and frame my own essays!!!

  32. Allegra

    By solving the exercises, I was able to understand the usage of words in the glossary and also learn many new words. The exercises are interesting too!!

  33. Teo

    The words and exercises helped me score a band 8+ as I learnt a lot of words, idioms and phrasal verbs from the book.

  34. Vaidath

    My friend suggested this book to me! I was initially hesitant but got one. After going through the book, I feel it was not a bad idea. Contains vocabulary related to common topics!!

  35. Turviti

    Has idioms and phrasal verbs for most of the common topics in IELTS. So was very useful !!

  36. Keith

    I appeared for the exam recently. I got some of the topics from this book in my Speaking and writing task 2 section. Since I knew the words well, I was able to perform well in both the sections.

  37. Norbert

    A very good guide on vocabulary. I improved my writing skills with the help of this book !

  38. luke

    A must buy if you want to get a good score in IELTS. This book alone is sufficient for IELTS vocabulary preparation.

  39. Nam Le

    Very effective exercises and essay.

  40. Davina

    This book contains vocabulary for most of the oft-repeated questions in IELTS. Very helpful !!!

  41. Swarnav

    Kudos to this book!! This book was a key factor in making me achieve band 8. Lot of words and essays.

  42. Aagar

    The exercises were very helpful for me. I solved all of them and at the end, there was a significant improvement in my writing and speaking skills.

  43. Biyu

    I’m not a native speaker of English. But I was able to ace the speaking section. I got a good band. Thanks to the vocabulary ebook.

  44. Nghia

    I had problems with not knowing where to start for learning words for IELTS. But this book has sorted words to topics. So it helped a lot.

  45. Samuel

    An exciting collection of new words, idioms and phrases. Very knowledgeable ebook.

  46. Fei Hong

    This book helped me with a lot of new words. They were very helpful in the writing section.

  47. Huynh

    This ebook helped me a lot in my preparation for the IELTS. It taught me everything about vocabulary, and I got a better score than I expected.

  48. Naman

    The e-book has a really good exercise section. The topics are interesting and are the most repeatedly occurring questions in IELTS.

  49. An Na

    The idioms, phrases and new words from the book made me sound like a native speaker. This is what my friends said, when I was revising with them. I’m confident of cracking the speaking section.

  50. Malcolm

    A complete set of words, exercises ,essays and answers. Really worth the penny!!

  51. Donghai

    It has introduced me to a wide range of phrasal verbs and idioms, and the exercises provide clarity to the words in the glossary. It is an excellent book that helped me prepare for my IELTS.

  52. Lily

    The book has a glossary of new words related to different topics. It helped me alot to work on new words and also brush on my existing vocabulary knowledge.

  53. Philip

    The best introduction you need to idioms and phrases. A complete pack of the best information in IELTS Vocabulary.

  54. Issac

    The essay in this ebook was of great help. The glossary improved my vocabulary, and the exercises made me understand the usage of the words, phrases, and idioms.

  55. Huỳnh-Hoàng

    The most uncommon thing is the idioms and phrasal verbs related to each topic, and the exercises on how to use idioms and phrasal verbs helped me understand how to use them.

  56. Sangeeth

    The exercises helped a lot as I learnt how to use these words in different places/situations.

  57. Szee kay

    The essays were a great help because even if I learnt words, I didn’t know how to use them in passages or while speaking. So, the essays helped me figure that out.

  58. Wood

    The idioms and phrasal verbs are the highlights of the e-book as they are very useful to score a good band in the IELTS exam.

  59. Saira

    The words are extremely useful and uncommon, so it helps to get a good band in the IELTS Test.

  60. Charmaine

    The exercises given in the ebook helped me to understand the usage of the words, phrases and idioms.

  61. Bingwen

    Their example essays to illustrate how the words can be used is excellent. I highly recommend this!

  62. Khalid

    The idioms and phrasal verbs were very informative because it was less common and also, related to topics. This was really helpful for me.

  63. harry

    This would be your one stop solution for vocabulary, like they say. True to its tag, this book has helped me learn new words for my IELTS exam.

  64. Bert

    The ebook has everything you need to know about idioms and phrases. The glossary was the best and taught me the most.

  65. Aarav

    So much content that is well-written! This is the best book I found that has complete and useful information on IELTS vocab

  66. Ananya

    One of the best and the most descriptive books on IELTS vocabulary. A must try!

  67. Elijah

    The glossary has alot of new words which helps you in your test preparation. Though there is no video content.

  68. Rohan

    The book was beneficial. Very detailed content and information, and I got to learn alot of new words through the glossary.

  69. Anh Dung

    The exercises are the highlight of this ebook. It clearly tells you the importance of vocabulary and how to use the words in the glossary.

  70. Cuong

    A great book indeed with the best introduction to idioms and new phrasal verbs. They are all related to the topics given, which makes it more comfortable!

  71. An Dung

    I find the words very useful. You can choose to learn just one topic each day so that by the end, you’ll have a thorough knowledge of the words in all topics.

  72. Keerthana

    The exercises helped me a lot along with the essays. I learnt alot of new words that I used in my IELTS exam.

  73. Shafia

    The book is relatively easy to understand. The exercises helped understand the usage of the words more accurately.

  74. Poon Wei Ling

    I had no idea how to use idioms and phrasal verbs until I bought this book. The exercises helped me understand the usage.

  75. Tai Sun

    This ebook is an excellent resource for IELTS prep with its emphasis on glossary and exercise. Indeed the best one!

  76. Chau

    The exercises very useful and the essays too. It helps understand the usage of the words, rather than providing just a list of words.

  77. Jacob

    The book has a good collection of exercises and examples but doesn’t have much illustrations/pictures.

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