IELTS Writing Task 2 Actual Tests with Answers (January-June 2024) | Ebook

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This book covers recent Academic IELTS writing questions from recent actual test. It is important to write and practice each essay in order to score a high band. This book will help you get an 8.0 band in your otherwise tough to crack IELTS Writing Test.

This book contains:

  • 111 essays arranged according to the essay types.
  • Sample answers for each answer by IELTS Trainers.
  • Strategy for each essay type.
  • A model according to the strategy for each essay.

Please note: This is an e-book, therefore there will be no hard copy. The PDF of this e-book will be sent to your e-mail immediately after your order is placed.

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It is important to write and practice each essay in order to score a high band. This book will help you get an 8.0 band in your otherwise tough to crack IELTS Writing Test.

IELTS Essay questions are of five types. They are:

  • Opinion Essays
  • Discussion Essays
  • Advantages/Disadvantages Essays
  • Cause & Solution Essays
  • Direct Question Essays

Each of these essay types has to be answered in a certain pattern. That is where IELTS Writing Task 2 comes in. This book contains:

  • 111 essays arranged according to the essay types.
  • Sample answers for each answer by IELTS Trainers.
  • Strategy for each essay type.
  • A model according to the strategy for each essay.

Each of these essays has used lexical resources and appropriate vocabulary specific to the topics given. Furthermore, these essays are written by keeping the task response, coherence and cohesion, lexical resources, and grammatical range and accuracy in mind.

Please note: This is an e-book, therefore there will be no hard copy. The PDF of this e-book will be sent to your e-mail immediately after your order is placed.

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104 reviews for IELTS Writing Task 2 Actual Tests with Answers (January-June 2024) | Ebook

  1. Precious Gonzales

    Possible the question on actual exam. Please let me know.

  2. Nicholas

    Being an IELTS trainer, I haven’t come across a better book for writing! This book is very educative and just amazing !

  3. Laura

    First time preparing for IELTS, never thought learning can be so engaging! I am pretty much confident of an 8.5.

  4. Fengge

    The writers have explained various essay types and practising all the tests has made me much more confident about the writing section than before. I feel I am ready to take the test now.

  5. Elizabeth

    I scored 8.5 in IELTS and this book helped me a lot to achieve my goals.

  6. Neetu Singh

    This book is an epitome of excellence. The best part of this book is it meets exam parameters wholly, and you get the best idea about how to organize your essay.

  7. Dane Garrison

    The ebook has a good collection of essays, and topics are nice to read through. Happy with the purchase.

  8. Ella Robert

    An excellent option for those who would like to enhance their writing skills. Sure shot assistance for IELTS exam mastery.

  9. Ro Guo

    Overall I found it very handy as I am very much afraid of the written part of IELTS and this book gave me the elementary ideas and boosted my confidence in writing. I highly recommend this book.

  10. Tony Bao

    This book is really good. Precise and to the point essays. Good for ielts self-preparation.

  11. Sying

    Comprehensive, with lots of questions and sample answers. You’ll find yourself going back to it over and over. This is an excellent resource for both the IELTS test-takers and a superb reference guide for mentors delivering classes to IELTS test takers.
    I highly recommend this e-book!

  12. Zoey

    It is an effective e-book targeted at IELTS writing task 2 for candidates struggling to develop their critical thinking skills and need a little help constructing a well-developed point of view.
    Worth the money.

  13. Brenda

    My friend suggested this e-book to me when I was struggling with the writing section. I’m extremely grateful to him for recommending this e-book. It has all the details and practice questions, I expected. Also, this book is written by an experienced IELTS trainer.
    So it is worth every penny I paid.

  14. Claire

    The quality of this e-book is worth mentioning. There are 68 essay questions similar to the essays in IELTS main exam for all essay types. It seems clear that this e-book is a valuable resource for anyone preparing themselves for the IELTS exam. Most importantly, the strategies provided for each essay type helped me in all possible ways to perform better in Writing Task 2.

  15. Tina Grey

    I am an IELTS Trainer and this is one of the best material for preparation that I came through. Recommended this e-book to a lot of my students.

  16. Vignesh Adidhala

    Sample answers for every question by IELTS Trainers have helped me a lot in my preparation..

  17. Nuwa

    I’ve practised for IELTS writing sections using many test materials. This ebook is one that I liked right away. It has tests taken from real IELTS exams, and covers different essay types with thorough, detailed explanation. I cleared IELTS on my first attempt with a high score in the writing section. Thanks to this ebook.

  18. Chaoxiang

    The book provides students with some of the best tips for essay writing.

  19. Joyce Chan

    The model answers with strategy for each essay have helped me to prepare better for the IELTS. Worth Recommending!!

  20. Arjun

    The essays are exemplary. The book covers all types of questions. Sample answers are provided too. It is a great buy!

  21. Luke Joy

    I want to thank the creators of this book, because of which I scored an 8. It has so many essays to practice and helped me evaluate and improve my answer structure.

  22. Liam

    When it comes to IELTS exam, good writing skills will make a world of difference! This book provides exactly that. Also, it has the most recent questions for practice.

  23. Pradeep Batra

    The 68 essays that have been arranged according to the essay types were really helpful to me.

  24. Changying

    It is the best book for essay writing! Unlike the other IELTS writing books, it has over 68 essays!! These essays are enough to crack the exam with a band 8.

  25. Kevin

    The experts gives sample answers for different types of essays, which is excellent! The book helped me improve my writing skills tremendously!

  26. Anu Akshita

    The sample answers given in this e-book are clear and concise. They helped me take the exam without any fear. I will not hesitate to recommend this e-book.

  27. Laman

    I wish I had this e-book during my first IELTS attempt. I referred to many e-books for writing sections, but this one is different. They have given all essay questions segregated in order of the essay type, including strategies for each. I managed to score band 8, only because of this e-book. This is a great guide for increasing your score.

  28. Carleton

    The best thing I love about the e-book is the number of example essays and strategies given. It is obvious that the trainer has extensive experience in making IELTS task two essays easy and engaging.

  29. Jacob Green

    Sample answers by IELTS Trainers in this book helped me get a better score in the IELTS score.

  30. Shraddha Nigam

    I would recommend this book to people who are looking for extensive test questions. The strategies given for every essay type helped a lot and I scored an 8.0 band.

  31. Keemo

    The essay questions and strategies provided are great for improving your vocabulary and writing. There are sample answers for every question, from opinion essays to direct question essays by IELTS Trainers. It is very useful, and I personally recommend this e-book to all IELTS test takers.

  32. Lakshmi

    The book consists of several essays to practise. The writers have explained the topics in detail. It was my first attempt, and I was able to score an 8.0 in the exam!!

  33. Katie Lao

    The sample answers on 5 types of essays were very useful for me. This book gave me the confidence that I needed to ace the examination. A must for the aspirants.

  34. Girish

    Such a useful and informative book! I managed to obtain an 8 band in Writing section. To my surprise, one of the questions from this book featured in my exam and the sample answer helped me to finish the task much ahead of time.

  35. Samwell Jones

    This book helped me get an 8.0 band in the IELTS Writing Test. A must have for all the people preparing for IELTS!

  36. Liam

    I can’t believe that I solved over 60 essay type questions, and I’m no longer afraid of essay type questions. The sample answers were beneficial. I am going to try out more books from this author.

  37. Yan

    This book has different types of essays and answers all the doubts regarding essay writing.

  38. Duan

    This book has essay questions of different types. The strategies given in this e-book are very clear, and it helped me score an 8 band.

  39. Sheela

    My sister recommended this book to me. One of the best book I have ever come across! Very simple and covers all the important elements of essay writing.

  40. Nathan George

    I wrote IELTS for the first time to get an overall band score of 7. I scored poorly in writing. I used this book to improve my writing skills, and in the next IELTS exam, I was able to upgrade to a band score of 8.

  41. Mei-hui

    I could not gauge the readability of my essays until I started practising with this book. Writing has been the toughest for me, and my time management was so poor. I gave this book a try after the recommendation from a friend of mine. It was indeed a game-changer in my IELTS preparations. I learned how to finish my essays on time with excellent readability.

  42. Son Tài Sǔn

    It is the best book to practice the IELTS test at home. I got several new ideas about various subjects that will surely help me during the test. Thanks a lot for it.

  43. Pragati

    When my friend recommended this book, I wasn’t quite sure how this book would help me, but it has helped me a lot by making me differentiate between the different types of essays. I generally don’t write reviews, but kudos to the writer, I scored a straight 8 in my IELTS exam.

  44. Vivek

    This book has a good collection of recent actual tests! I could practise very well using the strategies given, and it helped me score an 8.0 band.

  45. Presley

    The sample essays are excellent in terms of language use and delivery of ideas. By practising these essays, you could get an outstanding score for sure.

  46. Neha Jha

    This book helped me to understand various writing criteria and how to frame essays. If you are struggling to get the desired score in writing, this is a boon for you. This book has a nice collection of exam specific topics which will further help you with idea generations.

  47. Kendal Smith

    The essays are of great help. They are of a very high standard and will help you achieve the maximum possible writing score.

  48. Pham Van Bi

    8.0 bands in IELTS. This was just unbelievable. The Opinion Essays had never been a strength of mine. But, the clear and simple explanations given in this book made it look like a piece of cake.

  49. Cia Cung

    Good book to get essay ideas. The structure of essays, help you to fine-tune as per IELTS requirements.

  50. Xuan

    Sixty-eight essays very well arranged! It’s so compact and beneficial for beginners. The strategies mentioned and the model essays notably give deep insight into how to tackle the writing section with ease.

  51. Isla Brown

    When I had started looking for resources to practice for the test, this book was the first recommendation. This book is comprehensive and easily accessible, as well as understandable. I can’t believe I practised more than 50 essays. The best part is it has sample answers too! I have learnt how to manage time and write perfect content for this section!

  52. Tsundere

    The ebook is a perfect blend of enormous ideas on a range of topics as well as great vocabulary.

  53. Sherry Smith

    I bought this e-book online as it had many sample essays with sample explanations made by the IELTS trainers. The best part is that, it also has strategies for each essay type, making it easy for me to complete the test on time. This book was very helpful and made me learn a lot of things. I scored an 8 in the writing section because of this e-book.

  54. John

    I was nervous when I started preparing for the exam! But this book was very very helpful! Sample answers were very insightful!

  55. John

    I was nervous when I started preparing for the exam! But this book was very helpful! Sample answers were very insightful!

  56. yash

    Just loved this book! Proper classification, sample essays, strategy and vocabulary!

  57. Lara Kỳ

    Excellent book for IELTS writing. If you are looking for a good essay writing material, this is it for you.

  58. Kate Desmond

    The vocab sections along with the essays were of great help. Didnt need any other book to prepare vocab. This book was self-sufficient.

  59. Graysen Torsney

    This e-book has helped me solve all the test questions in real-time, which helps me to better manage my time. The writers have explained the writing strategies very well.

  60. Jemima Yates

    This e-book helped me to do self-study with practice tests for every essay type, various essay writing strategies, and model essays with explanations.

  61. Dinh

    Excellent e-book….This book is very informative with essential contents that are needed for the IELTS preparation.

  62. Chen Ju

    I bought this book based on my teacher’s recommendation. The essay concepts here are no match to other books. I even recommended it to my many juniors and colleagues.

  63. Lisa Su

    I read this book with my friend and loved it. The explanations were so clear and distinct that I immediately ordered for my studies as well.

  64. Elizabeth Wesley

    Considering the fact that this book is written keeping in mind the task response, grammatical range and accuracy, it is helping me a lot. Recommended the same to a lot of my friends taking IELTS.

  65. Charlotte

    This e-book was recommended to me by my friend. The e-book has all the information about the most common mistakes students make in IELTS writing task 2, 68 essays based on five different essay types, sample answer keys, model strategies, and much more useful information.
    I found this e-book very informative, practical, and useful. It is well written and easy to understand.

  66. Ling

    Best option! This book is very comprehensive and contains all necessary tests to be taken before the exam. It is very informative for beginners to understand the writing test.

  67. Max

    The material helps in enhancing our writing skills . It is really helpful and the questions are more recent. I would highly recommend this book if you are looking for the best material in the market.

  68. Tausif

    The sample answers and essays given in the material are easy and exactly exam-specific. Thanks for this material.

  69. Elijah Williams

    This e-book is so helpful and easy to use. It has various types of essays and explanations, which helped me to improve my writing skills.

  70. Leona

    I’ve always had difficulties in structuring and writing essay with proper vocabulary. But this book helped me to over come it.

  71. Chau Ting

    The sample answers in the book provided me enough practice to ace the IELTS Exams. If you practice all the essays in the book you can score a high band in IELTS exams.

  72. Patrick Pettigrew

    Strategies for each essay type as explained by IELTS Trainers were really helpful to me. I would love to recommend this book to my friends and colleagues.

  73. Shivani Gupta

    I always had a flair for writing, but could never strategize how to write the essay. This book helped me prepare for the IELTS WRITING TASK 2 and the comprehensive explanations also clarified the doubts I had.

  74. Anvi

    This book is very well laid out and is packed full of excellent task 2 examples. I love the structure of the book. The explanations and strategies are clear, and there are plenty of questions. I can recommend this book to people looking for guidance in improving their band scores.

  75. Jia Yan

    This a “must buy book ” for every IELTS aspirant! Skillfully written sample answers.

  76. Maaya

    Simple awesome book! Has 68 essays with sample answers! I am damn sure I will clear IELTS with great scores!

  77. Chen

    Simply loved the learning process . One of the best books to improve writing skills !

  78. Chung Li

    The Opinion Essays have helped me how to write better essays without being judgemental of opinion of the other individuals.

  79. Michelle Green

    The Advantages/Disadvantages type of essays has never been my strength, but as I practised and went through the detailed explanations Advantages/Disadvantages Essays were as easy as icing a cake.

  80. Dhyan

    This ebook has tremendously improved my vocabulary and writing skills. Now I am familiar with the different types of essays asked in IELTS writing.

  81. Kim Tuyến

    I feel like this is the best material for IELTS writing! There are 68 essays, which are enough to get you an 8 band if you practice them all. The best thing about the book is that it has model answers to explain different writing strategies.

  82. Phi Long

    This book has many actual tests and covers different types of essays and the strategies to tackle them.

  83. Chu Hua

    This e-book is very useful, and I really improved my writing with the helpful strategies and solutions available in this e-book. I learned the right use of vocabulary and the proper writing style for different essay types. The most important thing I love about this book is, it is very easy to follow! I strongly recommend this e-book to anyone who wants to improve their writing skills.

  84. Shawn Chum

    Though I had some general ideas, I faced difficulties in the writing section; From this book, I learned quite a lot of essay ideas. Now I can structure a proper essay.

  85. Rohit Bora

    Strategies suggested in this book are reallly effective for each essay type. I never imagined to score 8.2 band in the exam so easily. Definitely worth the purchase.

  86. Brown

    I give this e-book for writing section of IELTS exam a big thumbs up. Not only it covers different essay types but also explains the approach for writing an essay.

  87. Sen Huynh

    It is a highly recommended book if you want to score better in your IELTS Writing Test. This e-book made my self-preparation very effective with all the practice tests available for each essay type, sample answers with explanation, various strategies for each essay type.

  88. Angelina

    Amazing book! Has clear explanations to help you be prepared for the Writing Test

  89. Li Jing

    A very useful book for anyone who is scared about task 2 of the IELTS writing test

  90. Bruce

    Great book! Bought it after a recommendation from a friend, and was totally worth it

  91. Mukesh

    This book has been very helpful for me during my preparation for task 2 Writing Test

  92. Suresh

    Very good book. Has helped me to prepare for the Writing test, which I was most worried about.

  93. Amritpal

    It is very good e book and very useful

  94. Greg W

    This book has been great and I recommend it to anyone who needs help for the Writing Test!

  95. Zhang Min

    I’ve recommended this book to all my friends who plan to write IELTS. Very helpful

  96. Steve Oliver

    I was actually scared about the IELTS Writing Test and practising with this book has actually made the test easy for me

  97. Anand

    This book helped me understand how to answer different types of questions. It made IELTS Task 2 easier.

  98. Kim

    I read the essays before I started the topic and it helped me write the essays easily. I tried to write it with the strategies as told in the book.

  99. Salman R

    This book has been a great help for me during my preparation for the IELTS exam

  100. Carmen

    It was really helpful. I practiced a lot of essays according to the topics in the book.

  101. Shabarish Patel

    The essays are given with vocabulary that can be used with the topic and so every time I write a topic, I try to use the words I learnt and it has been very helpful.

  102. Pham Nguyen

    This book prepares you for Task 2 of the IELTS Writing test, and helped me to be more confident for the exam.

  103. Yadav

    I liked writing task 2 ebook, essays are pretty well written and also it has covered most of the essay topics

  104. Lee

    The strategies for each essay helped me to understand how to write different types of essays. I was not aware that there were different essay types in IELTS. I practiced writing most of the essays and could realise my errors and correct them.

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