IELTS Writing Task 1 (Academic) Actual Tests with Answers (January-June 2024) | Ebook

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IELTS Academic Writing Recent Actual Tests (Task 1) in 2021 & Sample Answers including graphs, maps, diagrams from recent actual tests in 2021. Sample answers are provided for these questions by IELTS Trainers along with highlighted vocabulary specific to the question.

Please note: This is an e-book, therefore there will be no hard copy. The PDF of this e-book will be sent to your e-mail immediately after your order is placed.

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This book contains the most recent test questions that appeared in IELTS tests.

Answers are provided for each question by IELTS Certified Trainers which will help you score a high band in your IELTS exam.

Academic Task 1 questions can be of the following question types:

  • Pie charts
  • Line graphs
  • Bar charts
  • Two graphs
  • Maps
  • Process diagrams

Key Features

This book comprises of all these types of questions with answers. However, an IELTS essay doesn’t only depend on the task response therefore this book also provides specific vocabulary in bold that should be used with a particular type of question.

Please note: This is an e-book, therefore there will be no hard copy. The PDF of this e-book will be sent to your e-mail immediately after your order is placed.

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42 reviews for IELTS Writing Task 1 (Academic) Actual Tests with Answers (January-June 2024) | Ebook

  1. Roopesh

    This e-book is worth purchasing!! The issue I had was that I was more comfortable in writing creative essays like in task 2 but I used to get blank looking at the task 1 questions and to be honest I felt like I had forgotten all the words in English when it came to describing diagrams. However, after getting this book, I finally got a hang of the way we must write the task 1 report in order to get a good score. The sample answers help in many ways to acquire useful ideas for the exam.

  2. Hai Rong

    The best thing about this book is it not only teaches you a variety of new words but also gives you all the latest questions from actual IELTS tests with answers. I already have an idea on the structuring of my reports but I felt they lacked life, so this book sort of helped me understand how to put life into them by using advanced vocabulary.

  3. Rebecca

    It is a very well-researched book to help its readers to get absolutely familiarized with the kinds of questions that come in IELTS Writing task 1 and how to address them to get a high score. The use of words in the sample answers are excellent. This e-book gave me a lot of confidence for my upcoming IELTS Writing test.

  4. Perry

    I owe the entire credit of my IELTS Academic writing score(7.5) to my hard-work and this e-book. I learned the right way to address the task 1 report from it.

  5. Enlai

    I have been aiming to study M.A. in Canada and the minimum requirement for IELTS score in any decent university is minimum 7 in all bands or above. I was under tremendous pressure to get the score in one shot as this is a very expensive test. Frankly speaking, I was the most nervous about writing, especially, task 1. I prepared thoroughly using this book for a whole month and got 7.5. I cannot put in words how happy I am! My dream is close to coming true.

  6. Tuyen

    I remember I had no idea how to go about with the writing task 1 even almost a week before my IELTS test. This is in fact a very good book and I thoroughly studied this one and gave my exam with a lot of confidence. And guess what??? I got a 7.

  7. Sharon

    I appeared for my IELTS test yesterday and I’m happy about how my writing test went because this e book had already prepared me for anything that I could expect during my task 1 writing test. I actually got a process diagram based question and trust me it was a cake walk for me after just 15 days of preparation from this e book.

  8. Zhang

    The fact that this e-book is a perfect blend of huge ideas on a range of topics as well as amazing vocabulary, makes it a must-have for people who are preparing for IELTS academic test and find the writing task 1 a real challenge (like me). I scored 8.5 in writing just by referring to this single book.

  9. Chaoxiang

    I have benefitted a lot from this book. It helped me to achieve band 7 in my writing (academic) which was unbelievable for me as in my previous test I had got band 5. This e-book is the best and contains every kind of question with quality sample answers including right vocabulary.

  10. Hanyu Pinyin

    This book is an amazing tool to prepare for the academic writing task 1. It is hard to find all the recent actual test questions altogether along with such helpful and high quality sample answers. I wanted to get an insight on what kind of questions come in the real tests and how to answer them and thanks to this book now my problem has been solved.

  11. Rishtaz

    I had absolutely no clue about comparing graphs and charts. Although I understand what I should write in my report, the problem is that I end up describing each data individually and it used to become very long. I was specifically looking for help to improve this matter. This e-book is a very good guide in that aspect. Such beautiful sample answers to all kinds of questions gave me so much insight about compare and contrast language and how it plays the most important role in achieving a good score in task 1.

  12. Dep

    It has all the types of questions from the recent exams and sample answers written for them but the best thing about this book is the vocabulary used in the answers. Amazingly helpful!!!!

  13. Amrita

    The struggle was “real” for me when it came to writing task-1. I simply had no idea how to start my task-1 essay. Forget about aiming for a high score. But this book helped me to understand how to construct and plan my essay plus taught me the kind of vocabulary that should go hand-in-hand with it to avoid repetition of the same words. Kudos to this book!

  14. Monica

    I’ve been using this e-book to prepare for the IELTS Academic writing test. I don’t need much help with the task 2 so, this one is enough. This time I scored 8.5 overall with 8 in writing in contrary to my last score which was 7. The sample answers gave me a lot of ideas that I used in my latest IELTS writing exam.

  15. Anh Dung Ong

    I’ve appeared for IELTS thrice before I achieved the score I needed to take admission in a university in Australia. Each time my score was same around 5.5 whereas I need a minimum of 6.5. To be honest, I was almost on the brink of giving up but this book helped me to achieve 7 in my latest IELTS Academic writing test. Although, I have always been pretty confident with the task 2, the task 1 gave me a cold-feet. After I purchased this book, I realized the mistakes I was making. I lacked knowledge of the right kind of vocabulary to use. This book contains vocabulary specific to each kind of question we get in the test and trust me that makes a huge difference. It also gave me an idea on the latest type of questions that come in actual IELTS tests and there are sample answers too for them.

  16. John

    So after a long search for the perfect book to perfect my ability of describing boring diagrams and figures or process, I bumped into this book. It sure did teach me the art of describing figures using beautiful words which made the overall language of my essay look very nice. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical before buying it as I had almost given up but to my surprise this e-book did turn out to be very useful in helping me understand the key secrets to achieve a very score in Academic writing. I’m very thankful.

  17. Chao

    This e-book explains all the important concepts to get a good score in the IELTS Academic writing task 1 report. There are plenty of examples and sample answers from recent tests to take reference from. Very useful book indeed.

  18. Debarati

    The sample answers are written to a 8 band or higher standard. Wide range of cohesive devices have been used, proper structure and use of lexical resources. Excellent to learn, amazing vocabulary and got new ideas. Worth buying!

  19. Tran

    The author has included very advanced vocabulary in the sample answers which is a huge help and it also gave me an idea on how to use certain words in sentences to describe the various diagrams. Now when I compare my previous essays with the recent ones using all the good words, I must say the quality has completely changed and become so much better. The e-book contains almost every detail to give an overall idea of the actual Academic writing test and the kind of questions that are coming in recent times.

  20. Van Ha

    Very good book. The writer actually delivers really good tips and strategies that only an experienced IELTS trainer would know. The sample answers give a lot of helpful insights on how to go about with the task 1. It helped me to understand what I was doing wrong.

  21. Lakshman Natharajan

    I always got confused about how to plan my academic task 1 essay. As in how to start it, how many paragraphs I should include, how to conclude the essay and always ended up repeating the same words many times and exceeding the number of words. So this book came to my rescue giving me all the necessary tips and a proper guidance on how to begin and end my essay within the given number of words. Plus the latest questions and sample answers are a great plus point.

  22. Rachel

    Excellent book! The sample answers are just fantastic. I can’t believe how many useful new words I have learnt from this book. Though I was really afraid to appear for the IELTS exam, this helped me score 7.5 in writing. The real credit goes to the author.

  23. Tuyen

    The vast range of vocabulary used in the answers are a great source to learn many new words that can help in getting a good score in IELTS writing exam. I personally like this e-book a lot because it doesn’t give unnecessary and complicated information like many other other books available. The information in this e-book is everything that one must know for the task 1 (academic) test.

  24. Gurpreet

    Very good e-book. It has taught me a lot of new words to use in my task 1 report (academic).

  25. Phoebe

    This e-book has helped me get a thorough knowledge about the type of questions I might get during my Academic writing test task 1. And the sample answers containing the useful words in bold are so good to expand my knowledge of vocabulary.

  26. Ngai

    Recently ordered this book to get a hang of the real questions that come in IELTS and also to get insights on how to write the Task – 1 Academic reports. Vocabulary used in the sample answers help the readers understand its usage in real context.

  27. Liang Shi

    Very helpful tips on planning the Academic task 1 essay overall. I didn’t know how to write the introduction and used to get stuck at the very beginning of my essay. Describing and comparing bar charts or line graphs was the main struggle for me but now I can.

  28. Jithen

    Overall, it is a good book to learn about ideas, strategies and vocabulary to use in the writing task 1. If you lack knowledge on how to plan your task 1 essay with high quality vocabulary, go for this book.

  29. Hieu

    This book contains all the latest exam questions for IELTS Academic Task 1. It has the wordlist that we should use in writing Task 1 reports. I really recommend this book to all.

  30. Samuel

    I find the IELTS writing Task-1 (Academic) Book very useful. It covers almost every type of diagram/figure/process/map based question that we might encounter in the IELTS writing test. Plus the price is pretty reasonable for that much material that is provided.

  31. Wang

    This book is an array of essays. It consists almost every topic (question) you can expect in IELTS Writing Task-1. Worth every penny!!!

  32. Vineeta

    Ya the search finally ends here for writing academic module prep. Easy to comprehend and practice. Absolutely love it!!! The sample answers are brilliantly written and the use of vocabulary is on point. Just study this book sincerely and without taking any formal lesson, you can easily get band 7 in writing. Best of luck!

  33. Huynh-Hoang

    The range of topics/types of questions discussed is great and the language is easy to understand. The style of authoring and and arranging the contents of the book is amazing that’s why even though it contains a lot of information, it is very easy to figure out. It gives a vivid picture of the IELTS Academic writing task-1 test and without giving too many rules, it helps its readers to prepare well for the actual exam.

  34. Kang

    The compilation of all the recent Ielts Academic task 1 questions is a great idea. Perfect answers with amazing vocabulary based on every type of academic task 1 question.

  35. Ming Lee

    I always wanted a book that addresses all my problems when it comes to academic writing task 1. I had no knowledge about the fact that the words we use in our essays play a very important role in increasing our writing score. The book contains a lot of useful words and also helps you to understand where to use them effectively.

  36. Pam

    This book has been a great help for me and made me more confident for the Writing Test

  37. Michael

    Great book! A huge help for me

  38. Ramesh

    Very helpful book. This book has helped me a lot during my preparation for the Writing test.

  39. Van Nguyen

    Very well written book, easy to understand with very good English that has helped me a lot to improve my English writing skills. Will definitely recommend!

  40. Sujay Mishra

    It is a really amazing book to score a good width 8+ score, It has really helped me improve my grammar and writing skills. Each and every topic is well written and well explained. I will highly recommend to all my folks who want to score well in IELTS.

  41. Changming

    It is a well-explained book that really helps you score well. Worth every penny!

  42. Janice Lambert

    I was struggling hard to find something that would genuinely help me understand the concept of IELTS writing test and my search ended when I found this. It’s easy to understand with brilliant insights to crack the IELTS.

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