IELTS (Academic) 5 in 1 Actual Tests Ebook Combo (Jan-Apr 2021) [Listening + Speaking + Reading + Writing Task 1+ Task 2]

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IELTS 5 in 1 Ebook Combo January – April 2021 (Listening + Speaking + Reading + Writing Task 1+ Writing Task 2)

Buy All in one IELTS Combo ebooks which will help you to Crack your IELTS exam

This Combo consists of:

  • 1- Listening (Ebook + Audio files+ Tapescripts)
  • 1- Speaking ( Ebook + 2 Audio files)
  • 1- Reading Ebook
  • 1- Writing Task 1 Ebook
  • 1- Writing Task 2 Ebook

Please note: These are e-books, therefore there will no hard copy. The PDF and audio files (if any) of these ebooks will be sent to your e-mail immediately after your order is placed.

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IELTS Listening Actual Tests (Jan – April 2021) (Ebook + Audio + Tapescripts)

This book provides you with :
  • Tips and tricks for each question type
  • Signposting language example
  • 15 Listening tests with Audio + Tapescripts.
  • The answer key for these tests by IELTS Trainers

IELTS Speaking Actual Tests with Suggested Answers (January – April 2021) – Ebook

This book will teach you a very large amount of vocabulary of exactly the type that the IELTS examiners want to hear from you in the exam, covering the IELTS Speaking actual topics which appear in the IELTS tests from November 2020. It is important that you prepare to answer questions on all of these tests because they are all used in the recent IELTS tests.

This Ebook Includes:

  • 1 Ebook
  • 2 Audiobooks (Reference purpose only, the audiobook doesn’t cover the same topics as in ebook)

IELTS Reading (Academic) Actual Test with Answers ( January – April 2021) – Ebook

The key to acing your reading test is to practice!

  • This book contains 25 tests arranged in chronological order starting with tests from October 2020.
  • Each test contains 3 sections. Each section has 3 paragraphs and a number of questions below them. The answers to these questions are provided at the end of the e-book by certified IELTS Trainers.

IELTS Writing Task 1 (Academic) Actual Test with Sample Answers ( January – April 2021) – Ebook

This book contains the most recent test questions that appeared in IELTS tests from November 2020.

Answers are provided for each question by IELTS Certified Trainers which will help you score a high band in your IELTS exam.

Academic Task 1 questions can be of the following question types:

  • Pie charts
  • Line graphs
  • Bar charts
  • Two graphs
  • Maps
  • Process diagrams

IELTS Writing Task 2 Actual Tests with Sample Answers ( January – April 2021) – Ebook

This book covers recent Academic IELTS writing questions from November 2020. It is important to write and practice each essay in order to score a high band. This book will help you get an 8.0 band in your otherwise tough to crack IELTS Writing Test.
This book contains:
  • 68 essays arranged according to the essay types.
  • Sample answers for each answer by IELTS Trainers.
  • Strategy for each essay type.
  • A model according to the strategy for each essay.

42 reviews for IELTS (Academic) 5 in 1 Actual Tests Ebook Combo (Jan-Apr 2021) [Listening + Speaking + Reading + Writing Task 1+ Task 2]

  1. Taylor Adam

    The Buy All in one IELTS Combo ebook helped me crack the IELTS exam. The explanations made the topics simpler and easy to understand. A good combo of IELTS Prepartion to invest in.

  2. Eva Thomas

    Loved it! Great tips for the IELTS exams and a bunch of exercises covering the whole format of the exam. Easy to read and comprehensive. Reasonably priced too!

  3. Mike McCrae

    This was the only study material I used to prepare for the exam. The book is concise and very useful for learners. The practice tests help a lot and the actual exam follows the exact same pattern as given in the book.

  4. Harvey McQueen

    This is the best combo if one os preparing for IELTS or looking for IELTS material. The explanations here are on-point and easy to understand. Recommended book for all.

  5. DucPassion

    This 5 in 1 e-book combo is very resourceful. It has got different types of recent actual questions for practice.

  6. Rajat

    If you are preparing for IELTS exam and searching for best material that include latest test papers and other useful material, your search ends here. This e-book combo provides excellent guidance to IELTS aspirants. Also, this e-book is very affordable.

  7. Maddison Miller

    The actual tests of this Combo are very helpful in understanding the structure/pattern of the exam and the sample answers assist in achieving top scores!

  8. Vinato Zimo

    It is a complete package when it comes to preparing for IELTS exam. Best IELTS preparation material I ever came through.

  9. Quyen

    Great Content!
    These e-books are very helpful and informative. My preparation for the IELTS will be much easier now. Thank you for this amazing material!

  10. Pham Gia

    This material is really helpful and enriched with essential content for the IELTS exam. It helps a lot in achieving good scores and provides essential guidelines for users to tackle the exam strategically.

  11. Judy Salvator

    The combo has books which have suggestion made by IELTS Trainers. This is the most important feature of this book, according to me. This helped me understand my mistakes. The combo is worth the money!

  12. Zoe Johnson

    This is a very informative study material from which one can get many references for answering the writing and speaking tests of the IELTS. The bundle comprises many recent questions with sample answers. Overall a great combo pack!

  13. Emma Jones

    A very useful book to get acquainted with IELTS. It helped me to prepare well and also gave me the required confidence for appearing for the test. You can find tips for every section in IELTS. Overall a great book to prepare for IELTS!

  14. Liu Dong

    The book contains many sample tests that guide us in a proper way for the examination. It strategically guides us in answering the writing, speaking, listening, and reading tests. It is a one-stop solution for IELTS preparation.

  15. Aurora Wilson

    This bundle holds several books for reading, writing, speaking, and listening practice. The recent questions and answers are very helpful in preparation!

  16. Ava

    The ebook has the most recent questions and answers to practice. It helped me crack the exam with an 8.0 score!

  17. Shalini Basu

    I was totally clueless about how I should prepare for IELTS exam. This book helped a lot in understanding the syllabus. I made an overall score of 8. I am extremely thankful to this IELTS e-book for making my dream of pursuing my Masters in UK.

  18. Meera

    I am so impressed with this e-book combo for IELTS preparation. This material consists of actual questions for all sections. I am more confident to write the examination now.

  19. Le Tien

    This book provides a lot of insights on the IELTS exam. The bundle consists of answers for reading, writing, speaking, and listening tests which are very helpful to ace the exam.

  20. Mingmei

    Best Platform for IELTS Exam Preparation!
    This IELTS (Academic) combo material is very easy to understand, helpful and informative. It helped me a great deal in my preparation.

  21. Ella

    I was concerned about the listening section, but the ebook comes with 15 audio and tapescripts to practice. Also, the tips were helpful. So grateful to the team!

  22. Chang Hu

    This ebook combo is a supersaver! It is easy to use and understand. It has many sample papers for different sections of the test.

  23. Akshay

    My vocabulary has increased after I started practising with this book. Extremely useful for IELTS writing and speaking!

  24. Jacob Smith

    A great book that serves as a complete guide to the IELTS exam. Provides good study material including exercises and answers with clear explanation and very good examples. I would totally recommend this book to students who are aiming for a band 8.

  25. Vanessa Black

    I was looking for suggestions online when I came across this book. I was skeptical about the purchase but still gave in, and I don’t regret the decision. I would love to recommend this book to whoever is looking for IELTS Material.

  26. Amit Jaiswal

    Best IELTS Material!
    This IELTS 5 in 1 Ebook is a complete package for the IELTS aspirant. I would like to thank this IELTS material from the bottom of my heart. All credit for securing score of 8 in the exam goes to this book.

  27. Isabella

    I was taking the exam for the first time and was quite nervous about it. I came across these IELTS materials, and there were great reviews for them. I gave my best and attempted all the questions that came with the book, and I cracked the exam on my first attempt!!

  28. Imlienla Jamir

    This is good book, when it comes to preparing for IELTS Exam. Buy the combo and you can be assured that you are not missing out of any part of the exam.

  29. Trai TH

    Wonderful platform with great materials!
    This material is a perfect blend of quick, easy problem solving techniques, best approaches to tackle reading and listening sections of IELTS. It helped me a lot to clear my examination. Thanks : )

  30. Tien

    My dad suggested me to try this ebook, and I’m in love with it! It is a 5 in 1 combo and contains questions from recent tests.

  31. Quang

    Thank you for the e-books!
    Quality content, useful information, well-explained syllabus. I made an overall score of 7.5.

  32. Lisa Tin

    I love this e-book! It covers all question types and has sample answers for writing and speaking sections. These sample answers have helped me learn how to write answers for the test.

  33. Nikhat Siddiqui

    I purchased this book 5 days back for my IELTS exam preparation. This book combo has everything that an IELTS learner needs. The website is also very helpful for me. Thank You!

  34. Noah Brown

    I have recently purchased the combo for my IELTS preparation. It is a comprehensive source with all sample materials for writing, listening, speaking, and reading tasks. My search for IELTS preparation ended with this book.

  35. Dung

    I had a amazing experience browsing through this website. I purchased this e-book to prepare for my exam. The e-book is very useful for me. It had quality content on all the sections of IELTS such as Reading, Speaking, Writing and Listening. I made an overall score of 8. This e-book combo is affordable as well. Thanks for the providing useful resources!

  36. Linh

    Many useful strategies and actual tests! This 5 in 1 package is enough for the IELTS academic preparation. I’m happy with buying such a quality material at a reasonable price.

  37. Nia Kapur

    I have got this band of materials recently. The actual tests in the e-books provided are very helpful. It has made my preparation easier. I need not search anywhere else.

  38. Dugh Si

    Easy to understand, study and relate. You can get a lot of ideas on various exam topics. This combo is worth every penny!!

  39. Meghan Lee

    I agree with one of the earlier comments read. You can really save a lot of money by buying this combo!!!

  40. Max James

    The combo comprises all topics/question types of IELTS with answers. I’ve just given an IELTS exam. I highly recommend these set of books!!!

  41. Sam Haron

    This combo will help you with the IELTS test pattern, possible question types and their answers.

  42. Keith

    If you keep practicing these ebooks, for a month or two, you will surely get a band 8, just as I did!!

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