IELTS (Academic) Writing Actual Tests Ebook Combo (Jan-Apr 2021) [Task 1+ Task 2]

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Writing Task 1

  • 80 actual questions (a mix of graphs, maps, diagrams)
  • Sample 8+ answers by IELTS trainers.
  • Vocabulary specific to the question
  • Compare and Contrast terms, along with Language of Change.

Writing Task 2

  • 68 actual test essay questions
  • Sample 8+ answers by IELTS Trainers
  • Structure for each essay type
  • Demonstration of structure for each essay

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IELTS Writing Task 1 (Academic) Actual Test with Sample Answers ( January – April 2021) – Ebook

IELTS Academic Writing Recent Actual Tests (Task 1) in 2020 & Sample Answers comprises 80 essays including graphs, maps, diagrams from recent actual tests in 2020. Sample answers are provided for these questions by IELTS Trainers along with highlighted vocabulary specific to the question.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Actual Tests with Sample Answers ( January – April 2021) – Ebook

This book covers recent Academic IELTS writing questions from November 2020. It is important to write and practice each essay in order to score a high band. This book will help you get an 8.0 band in your otherwise tough to crack IELTS Writing Test.

This book contains:

  • 68 essays arranged according to the essay types.
  • Sample answers for each answer by IELTS Trainers.
  • Strategy for each essay type.
  • A model according to the strategy for each essay.


29 reviews for IELTS (Academic) Writing Actual Tests Ebook Combo (Jan-Apr 2021) [Task 1+ Task 2]

  1. Martin

    I bought this material while preparing for IELTS. And I am being very honest, I did not find any other IELTS material even close to this one. The strategy and guidance by the experts for different approaches on essay types is so helpful.

  2. Neeraj

    This Academic Writing Ebook Combo with writing task 1 and writing task 2 is the best buy. It helped me improve my writing skills with different tips and tricks for essays.

  3. Bau

    This Academic Writing Ebook Combo for leveling up writing is the best material that I have come across. There are 68 essays based on the different essay type. I definitely recommend this.

  4. Ashley Hess

    I had bought a book from the same author earlier, so I knew what to expect from this book. Amazing learnings!!!!

  5. Tong

    This book helped me to analyse the mistakes that I was repeatedly making. I can feel the improvement in my vocabulary and writing speed after I started practising with this book.

  6. James

    The strategies for writing the answers are very helpful and easy to understand. The essays are also well explained, which makes it easier to write one on your own.

  7. Ramesh P

    I bought this Ebook combo for my academic exam preparation. It has lots of actual tests, (more than expected at this price). The model essays help very well in understanding the structuring of the answer.

  8. Sreejith

    Awesome e-book combo at a reasonable price! I got to learn the structure of different kinds of essays with the help of sample answers given.

  9. Arthur

    Thanks to this book, I was able to secure 8.0!! I wasn’t able to crack the exam before because of my writing skills. But this book had everything explained in detail. I would highly recommend you to try it.

  10. Dushyat Shiva

    I have purchased this book for reference and it was very informative. It is a very good source for IELTS preparation. It is a very comprehensive source that focuses on easy IELTS answer writing with many sample essays. It also provides a strategy to write essays in the IELTS writing test.

  11. Lucas

    The questions are similar to the actual IELTS test pattern, which is an advantage. Also, the strategies and explanations for the questions are very helpful when preparing.

  12. Shufen

    Best IELTS Material! This book is very helpful as the book covers many of the latest sample questions for practice.

  13. Jessica

    Good book. Many aspects of writing sections are discussed, and it allows the reader to understand the expectations of IELTS examiners in general. I recommend this e-book to all the IELTS test takers, as it provides ample information about necessary approaches for Essay writing, including examples and model essays.

  14. Lucas

    I purchased this book on a friend’s recommendation. It is well structured and neatly segregated. The latest questions and answers are provided, which is a great feature!

  15. Alex

    I was searching for best IELTS materials and one of friend suggested me this bundle of e-book. I have purchased this recently. It was too helpful for me during my preparation. It will guide you in structuring our essays and answers as per the requirement of IELTS answer writing test. It assists me in a better way in enhancing my answer writing skills. Its a great IELTS material : )

    Best of luck for your exam!

  16. Edward

    Before going through this ebook, I wasn’t aware of strategies in essay writing, but kudos to the book for explaining it so well. It is definitely worth the price!

  17. Le Thi Lam

    This e-book is a simplified guide for improving writing task for all IELTS test takers. It explains the structure for every essay type which makes it easy to review at the last minute. It was a very informative and great tool for preparing for the exam.

  18. Liu Sang

    The model answers given for the essay questions are spectacular. These samples tell you how to write an answer. Very satisfied that I invested in the correct set of books.

  19. Girik Singh

    This e-book is fantastic, and I scored band 8, thanks to this e-book! You can get everything you need to clear the writing section with better scores. I practised all the sample questions given in this e-book several times and found the tips for the structure of different types of essays and actual questions.
    I would recommend this e-book to anyone practising for IELTS.

  20. Van Lu

    This book helps me with different ideas to use in my writing. It is a complete guide to improve writing quality. The e-book covers sample answers for 80 reports in task1 and 68 essays in task2. All from recent actual tests.

  21. Jack Summer

    This is the perfect combo when it comes to preparation of IELTS. The questions and solutions are recent and helped a lot in the preparation of the exam.

  22. Adhithya K

    This is my second attempt for IELTS and I realize I should have gone through this book before. I understood areas where I made mistakes.

  23. Jackson

    I love this book; it really helped me a lot. It has questions for both writing task 1 and 2. This e-book gives you the right direction towards success. The e-book contains 68 essays covering various essay types, with sample answers by IELTS Trainers. I got to learn many things that I was doing wrong earlier and improved my writing skill.

  24. Deming

    This e-book has nearly 80 actual questions for writing task 1 and 68 essay test questions for writing task 2. They have also provided answers with detailed explanation and structure for each essay—an excellent guide for your practice.

  25. Xiaobo

    The e-book addresses both writing tasks 1 and 2, including grammar structures, strategies, and practice tests to different essay types; it is a must-read e-book.

  26. Phuong Dan Pham

    It is a great website for IELTS aspirants. I have got this Academic Writing Ebook Combo for my exam preparation recently. It is a very good and informative source for IELTS answer writing preparation. The model essays provided are very helpful in structuring the answer in a proper way. This is a very good material……
    The combo is affordable, and purchasing process is also very smooth.

  27. Alice Fernandes

    Concepts are written according to the eight band standards. It is well structured, and lexical resources have been used appropriately to achieve eight-band.

  28. Kishan Dubey

    The search ends here for academic writing module preparation. Has everything needed to score band 8 in IELTS writing. I loved it!

  29. Amit Bindra

    Just done with my purchase, it seems the ebook will help me a lot as the content is good. Anyone who is preparing for IELTS and wants to enhance the writing skills can surely buy this book.

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