General Writing Task 1 with sample answers 2020

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This e-book contains:
  • Difference between formal, semi-formal and informal letters along with it’s opening and closing lines.
  • Contains 20 sets of letters. Each set contains 1 formal, semi-formal and informal letter.
  • Additionally contains a number of informal and formal letters.
  • Sample answers for each letter.
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IELTS General Writing Task 1 should be completed in about 20 minutes during the exam so if you haven’t mastered the art of letter writing by the time you take the exam, you would find it time-consuming!
Our e-book contains 20 sets of letters with each set containing one formal, semi-formal and informal letter that appeared in 2020 tests along with sample answers. Added as an extra bonus, we also provide you with a bunch of formal and informal letters that appeared in the exams along with sample answers.
The art of letter writing is mastered only by practice, so get this e-book to understand the difference between formal, semi-formal and informal letters and answer them accordingly!

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