IELTS Speaking & Actual Test (September – December 2020) with suggested answers

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This book will teach you a very large amount of vocabulary of exactly the type that the IELTS examiners want to hear from you in the exam, covering the IELTS Speaking actual topics which appear in the IELTS tests from June to September 2020. It is important that you prepare to answer questions on all of these tests because they are all used in the recent IELTS tests.

This Ebook Includes:

  • 1 Ebook
  • 2 Audiobooks (Reference purpose only, the audiobook doesn’t cover the same topics as in ebook )
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We’re all aware that the speaking test is conducted by an examiner and it would be more like a face to face interview. So how do we prepare for this? How to we not get anxious like we usually do during an interview?

By conquering the fear of the unknown of course!

Academic IELTS Speaking & Actual Test (September – December  2020) with suggested answers provides you with:

  • 83 part 1 topics under which there are personal questions that your IELTS examiner would ask you for your first section.
  • 41 part 2 and 3 topics with questions relating to the topic along with suggested Band 9.0 model answers. These topics may be general and usually tests your fluency and grammar.
  • These answers provide an insight to what is exactly expected from you by the examiners.
  • 2 Audiobooks ( Part 1 And Part 2) (* We also provide 2 audiobooks containing sample audio files for reference. These audio books do not contain the content from the ebook, it comprises of different content. The aim of the audio book is to provide you with an example of the tone to be used in the exam and the pronunciation of words which helps you understand how you’ve got to present yourself in the test*.)

Key features

This book not only contains recent questions and answers but also contains Vocabulary specific to the question in bold. This specific vocabulary is also explained below the question with the meaning and an example to help in the usage of that particular word. The book also contains idioms, collocations, phrases that help you score brownie points with your examiner to get that score you’re aiming for!

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11 reviews for IELTS Speaking & Actual Test (September – December 2020) with suggested answers

  1. Trang

    Reading the answers, I did not know how to pronounce a lot of words. But when I listened to the audio book, I knew how to pronounce them and it made me feel more confident.

  2. Lisa

    I was always afraid about the speaking test because I was afraid of what they will ask and if I won’t know the right words to use. This book solved my problem. I now know exactly what kind of words to use for any kind of questions.

  3. Nawajith Singh

    I knew the kind of questions but didn’t know how to answer because my language was very bad. This book helped. It gave me answers to all the questions that will be asked.

  4. Jin Su

    I didn’t know what kind of questions the examiner would ask me for my exam. I only knew it would be a topic, but didn’t know it specifically. This book was really useful as I know the questions and answers now.

  5. Tuan

    I prepared for my speaking test with this book and it helped me a lot. I took up the test with confidence.

  6. Ruda

    With the help of this book, I knew how to use certain words for certain questions. It made answering easier.

  7. mo

    hello. When will you release your next actual speaking book (for next month, June…..)?

  8. Sandra

    Man this book is so damn helpful! I used to avoid taking the speaking tests because I knew I sucked. But with this, I now have a guide on how to answer the questions with ease Thank you!

  9. Abhishek

    This book has changed my IELTS preparation for the better! Now I have improved vocabulary which I can use to impress the examiner. Furthermore, the vocabulary in this will help me in the other sections as well. Totally recommend this book!

  10. Deng

    I always got anxious while taking my practice speaking tests. I would always fumble around, sometimes not being able to find the right word. This ebook cleared all that up! Now I take my speaking mock tests calmly.

  11. Shefali

    Coming from a middle class background, my english vocabulary was never really good. So I was quite scared of the speaking section of the exam. But this book solved all my issues for me. It provided me the vocabulary, and also the possible questions they would ask me in the test, along with the answers. The audiobooks that came with it also helped me a lot with the pronunciation. This book was really helpful. I’m very grateful for it.

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