Comprehensive IELTS Reading (Academic) Band 8 Preparation Course

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  • 15+ Lectures
  • FREE eBook worth $37 (IELTS Reading actual tests with answers)
  • Includes Practice Assignments
  • Model Reading Passages
  • IELTS Certified Trainer
  • Includes Strategies for both question types
  • FREE 1:1 Counselling Session with trainer

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What you’ll get:

Unit 1

  • Grammar – Tenses
  • Grammar – Prepositions
  • Grammar – Comparatives
  • Grammar – Articles (A,an,the)
  • Grammar – Part of Speech
  • Grammar – Irregular Verbs
  • Grammar – Determiners and Quantifiers
  • Grammar – Subject verb agreement
  • Grammar – Modals
  • Grammar – Comma Splice
  • Grammar – Participle clauses
  • Grammar – Punctuation
  • Grammar – Sentence Structures

Unit 2

  • Vocabulary – A1 List of words
  • Vocabulary – A2 List of words
  • Vocabulary – B1 list of words
  • Grammar – Reported Speech
  • Vocabulary – B2 list of words/li>
  • Vocabulary – C1 List of words
  • Vocabulary – C2 list of words

Unit 3

  • About – Reading (Academic)
  • Reading – Word Count
  • Reading – Reading techniques
  • Reading – Diagram Labelling
  • Reading – Multiple choice questions
  • Reading – Sentence Completion
  • Reading – Short Answer Type
  • Matching Questions – Reading
  • Reading – True/False/Not Given & Yes/No/Not Given

With this course, you get $37 worth of bestselling eBook FREE, which is: IELTS Reading (Academic) Actual Tests with Answers (December 2022-January 2023)

FREE 1:1 Live Counselling Session

Upon successful payment of the purchase, you will receive an email with downloadable links for eBooks and a link directing to a form for registering a FREE 1:1 counselling session. Once you fill the form, a sample 1:1 session will be scheduled for you with one of our star trainers.

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51 reviews for Comprehensive IELTS Reading (Academic) Band 8 Preparation Course

  1. Affoussiata Bakayoko Doumbia (verified owner)

    Great Book!
    The content is what I need .

  2. Prosenjit Chakraborty

    One of the best course material to prepare for the IELTS exam. The comprehensive IELTS Reading (Academic) Band 8 Preparation Course consists of a detailed description about the academic reading tests and its sections along with secret tips and strategies, and practice assignments. The contents in the material has been curated by the IELTS band 9 experts and assures a band of 8.5 scores in the IELTS exam. I am extremely indebted towards IELTSMATERIAL platform for providing me such an informative material at a reasonable price. This material also comes along with an eBook worth $37.

  3. Sonali Jain

    The comprehensive IELTS Reading (Academic) Band 8 Preparation Course is an extensive course material which will help you get the desired score in the IELTS Reading module. It provides training in all the sections of IELTS Reading module which not only improves our band score but also builds and enhances our language proficiency. Only by following all the tips and strategies mentioned in the material, practising the practice assignments, etc, I was able to achieve my goal of getting a band 8.5 score in the IELTS exam. The lectures are so intense and provides a clear understanding about the IELTS Reading (Academic). This is the only book which contains all the necessary information about the reading section. Overall, the course material is a must-buy for everyone who wants to score more than 8 band. The material comes along with an ebook worth $37.

  4. Paul Cullen

    The comprehensive IELTS Reading (Academic) Band 8 Preparation Course has helped me a lot to score band 8.5 in the IELTS exam. The material contains informative reading passages, strategies for all the question types, and practice tests. The material extensively familiarises the aspirants with IELTS Reading module with the use of authentic practice assignments. There are more than 30+ lectures and a comprehensive section of tips and information which makes the course material ideal for learning . I’d suggest aspirants to purchase the course material which comes with an ebook worth $37.

  5. Arshi Qureshi

    To be honest, I was a little apprehensive about this course. And gradually, as I got familiar with the course content, I became more confident and satisfied that, yes, indeed, the course is authentic and reliable because I found the same set of questions for practice that appeared in actual tests.

  6. Mahesh Prakash

    It is such a brilliant course equipped with essential tips and strategies on how to approach the reading task questions. I also got a lot of practice questions to practise, and it helped me score an 8 band.

  7. Shashwati Patil

    Earlier I bought a couple of courses from IELTSMaterial. I can rely on this platform for genuine, descriptive content material. And the same thing I got with this one as well. Happy with my purchase.

  8. Archita Arora

    A well-organised and well-explained course. It helps you understand and grasp the test format and pattern with ease. It also provides a lesson on interesting techniques like skimming and scanning to help you improve your overall reading skills and identify answers without any difficulty. I strongly advise this course to everyone!

  9. Fredrick Becker

    A brilliantly designed course by their top IELTS professionals. I purchased this course 3 months before the test and scored 8.5 band scores. The tips, strategies and timed mocked tests helped me a lot to ameliorate my test-taking skills.

  10. Fei Hong

    This is a very helpful course that includes lectures on how to approach various question forms in IELTS reading. It also provides numerous practice tests to improve time management skills. This course was my sole source of information, and I achieved an 8.5 band score on my IELTS test.

  11. Chandani Malhotra

    Thanks to this course! In just 30 days, I got an overall 8 band score. This course incorporated lessons on all of the necessary concepts and techniques that are required for the test. It also has a number of practice exercises to help you practise and develop your test-taking skills.

  12. Feng Mian

    This is, without a doubt, one of the finest IELTS academic reading courses available. The course content is rich in useful tips, strategies, various test-format and topics. I completely relied on this course for IELTS reading test preparation and scored an 8 band score.

  13. Vanshika Malhotra

    The course is very understandable. It has mock tests with answers and explanations. It has excellent information that one needs, to crack the examination.

  14. Kakoli Dey

    I have been following this course ever since I started preparing for IELTS examination and it has really helped me in turning the tables. I am way more confident than I ever was.

  15. Ryan Dutta

    This course includes practice assignments, strategies, techniques, tips, and definitions required to crack the IELTS exam. I highly recommend it.

  16. Nipa Sen

    I bought this course in the initial days of my preparation. I attempted the practice assignments in the course. It helped me to know my weaknesses and work on it.

  17. Saradwata Dey

    This course is very informative. I got a band score of 9 and I owe it all to this course. This course guided me around.

  18. Soumadeep

    I got a an eBook which had actual tests with answers. It had good descriptions, explanations and most importantly lectures in the course helped me to understand everything related to the exam.

  19. Hazel

    I followed this course until the end of the examinations. I left no page unturned while preparing. I passed with flying colours.

  20. Tanay

    I bought this on the recommendation of my cousin who has cracked IELTS Examination with good band score. I am following this course for my preparation.

  21. Mandaline

    I have a band score of 8 and this is all because of this course. The strategies were very helpful.

  22. Katrina

    Highly recommended buy. The information, explanation, and the practice assignments were very helpful because it helped me identify my weaknesses and made me worked on it.

  23. Kaushani Adhikari

    I have a band score of 8 and this course has the biggest impact on my success. The concepts were well elaborated by this book.

  24. Alia Saxena

    The course is absolutely worth buying. The academic Reading Tests are much different from General Reading. It describes all the question types.

  25. Harshad Chauhan

    I am extremely happy with the buy. Not to mention, I had a great band score. I took this course to prepare for IELTS examination a year ago. All the information the course covers, helped me learn better.

  26. Sayani Murti

    I had given this exam twice. I really was struggling to get the borderline band score to pass. Needless to say, the tables turned when I bought this course. It guided me entirely.

  27. Payel Katoch

    I have bought tons of books from this source. This is one of them. It elaborates on the academic reading test type. The tips and strategies, factual information, sets of mock test and the detailed passages, everything was rich in information. Like all other books from this site, this course has helped me pass with flying colours.

  28. Nidhi Majumdar

    Taking this ieltsmaterial course helped me throughout my IELTS preparation journey. The lectures are extremely helpful and the practice assignments make you realize where you are standing currently. This is a must-take course for everybody preparing for IELTS.

  29. Chahat Vij

    I took this course upon the recommendation of my friend. All of the lectures contain in-depth information and guidelines regarding how to handle the Reading module. The best thing about this course is that it includes a variety of strategies for different question types. Very helpful and reasonable.

  30. Juilie Dandekar

    The course is pretty fine the way it has been curated. I loved how they have covered each and every aspect. Tips and strategies coming from a band 9 teacher always help score a good band. At least, I did score a good band with this course. Thank you for all the help.

  31. Sakthi Akila

    If you wish to ensure that you score a good band in IELTS, relying on this course will help to a great extent. Along with all the resources I took advantages of, I purchased this course as well. And, surprisingly, it helped me a lot. I just got my results and I grabbed a good band score. Happy with it!

  32. Shruti Venkatesh

    I wanted to pursue my higher education in the UK so I took this course to prepare for IELTS. With all the information the course covers, it helps you learn better and achieve more. Satisfied with my purchase and the band score. Amazing work!

  33. Li Wei

    For the past 2 years, I was not able to achieve my desired band score in the IELTS and my weakness was IELTS Reading section. Later, I was suggested by my colleague to purchase online resources from the IELTSMATERIAL platform which helped aspirants score their desired band scores. And she was 100% correct. After purchasing the requisite course materials (the comprehensive IELTS Reading (Academic) Band 8 Preparation Course), I went through the materials which gave some deeper knowledge of the reading section. I was fully impressed with the lectures and practice tests, because with the help of those practice tests, I was able to secure 8.5 band score in the IELTS exam. This material will definitely enable you to score well in the IELTS Reading module.

  34. Rohini Mehta

    Best Buy! The comprehensive IELTS Reading (Academic) Band 8 Preparation Course has been worth the buy because the material consists of practice assignments, model reading passages, strategies for both question types, and everything that is required for the IELTS Reading section. I regularly practised the IELTS Reading Practice tests available in the course material which enhanced my knowledge and improved my skills wherever possible. I am extremely thankful to IELTSMATERIAL for offering such a good course material at such a reasonable price that too with a bestselling eBook (IELTS Reading (Academic) Actual Tests with Answers) worth of $37. And we get a lifetime access of the course material which is another great aspect. Someone who’s on the lookout for an ideal online resource to prepare for the IELTS Reading (Academic) must definitely purchase this course material to achieve their dream band.

  35. Mahira Sheikh

    I must appreciate IELTSMATERIAL platform for providing such a good course material for the students at a very feasible rate which assures the test taker, 8+ band scores in the IELTS exam. For me, the comprehensive IELTS Reading (Academic) Band 8 Preparation Course has been very helpful and useful. Everything asked under the IELTS Reading (Academic) has been well-defined with examples which are very easy to understand. I think the best part about the material is that it comes along with an eBook worth $37 which contains recent tests with answers and the course material also has practice assignments which is very advantageous. If anyone looking for a genuine platform to purchase the course materials to prepare for the IELTS exam, they can buy the best IELTS books at IELTSMATERIAL platform which also gives discounts in the prices and a free ebook along with every course. And this comprehensive Reading (Academic) Band 8 Preparation Course designed by band 9 teachers (experts) is very beneficial .

  36. Hee Min Ho

    The comprehensive IELTS Reading (Academic) Band 8 Preparation Course is worth the buy because it consists of practice assignments, model reading passages, strategies and techniques for every section of Reading, etc. Only with the help of this course material, I have secured a band 8 score in the IELTS exam for which I am really grateful to the ieltsmaterial.com Platform. The practice assignments in the material was very helpful because I got to know my weaknesses and I worked on it. I followed the strategies as mentioned on the course material and it gave me an idea to solve the questions easily. The course material defines almost everything in the IELTS Reading section and I’d suggest everyone to purchase the course material to prepare for the IELTS exam as its been very helpful to me and I hope the same for everyone.

  37. Lexie Taylor

    I have been regularly buying the course materials from the ieltsmaterial.com Platform which provides genuine course materials which give excellent knowledge to crack the IELTS exam. Only with the help of the comprehensive IELTS Reading (Academic) Band 8 Preparation Course and other course materials which I purchased from their platform, I was able to achieve a band of 8.5 score in the IELTS exam and I am extremely indebted to IELTSMATERIAL platform for it. The course material includes practice assignments, strategies, techniques, tips, and definitions required to crack the IELTS exam. The course material comes with a free ebook worth $37 which contains recent actual tests with a lifetime access. The secret strategies help to answer the questions efficiently and sharpen our knowledge. I’d recommend to purchase this as it’s worth the money.

  38. Mark Anthony

    WORTH BUYING! The comprehensive IELTS Reading (Academic) Band 8 Preparation Course caters to all academic exam needs. The material offers some great strategies and valuable tips to achieve high scores in the IELTS exam. I Worked on my weaknesses with the help of the practice assignments in the material, and the material consists of 30+ lectures which gives an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the IELTS Reading section. The course material is clearly understandable. I also got a lifetime access along with an eBook which had actual tests with answers and explanations. I’d proudly say that I’ve scored band 8 in the IELTS exam only with the assistance of the comprehensive IELTS Reading (Academic) Band 8 Preparation Course.

  39. Sayoni Dey

    I will be forever grateful for this course. I scored a band 8 in my IELTS examination. I had completely followed this course throughout my preparation of READING academic tests. It gave me the little tricks and details to follow which came in handy during the exams. The course has detailed information of the strategies and the sample practice tests to follow.

  40. Diya Sen

    This course has been my guide throughout my preparation. It is about the reading academic test, and needless to say, I am actually surprised by the amount of information a course can hold. It does not only have sample practice, but also strategies and facts you need to follow.

  41. Faria Mallik

    I am an IELTS aspirant . I came across this course a month back and it changed my life. Earlier I had to hop on from one site to another in search of lectures and practice , and now I get all the reading academic test information from a single course.

  42. Tathagata Das

    I came across this book in an advertisement while I was surfing several sites for few lectures . I don’t know what made me do it, but decided to give the course a look. Seeing the reviews, I decided to buy it. It changed my entire perspective on a lot of things. It made my preparation a lot more compact and I feel a lot more confident.

  43. Kunal Dutta

    I appeared for the exam twice. If hadn’t for this course, I wouldn’t have cracked the second time. It provided me with all the information one needs. I am being completely honest that I wouldn’t be aware of a lot of information if I had not bought this course.

  44. Satyam Arora

    All thanks to this course, I got an 8.5 band score. This course covered every aspect of reading extensively. Practising sample questions and reading passages helped me to understand how to use different strategies for reading tasks.

  45. Mehak Gupta

    Strongly recommended course! It helped me achieve an 8 band score with just 30 days of preparation. The lessons provided by them are easy to understand and implement. This course helped me clarify so many doubts and improve my test-taking speed.

  46. Khushboo Verma

    This course is fantastic. It improved my understanding of how to approach different types of questions in the IELTS academic reading test, and I recommend this course to everyone. I followed and applied all the tips and strategies in the test and got an 8 band score.

  47. Aadhya Dutta

    This comprehensive course is worth buying. The descriptive material helps at every step of the IELTS preparation.

  48. Shibani Kadagad

    I really appreciate the efforts of ieltsmaterial for producing such a beneficial course at an affordable price. It really helped me crack my IELTS exam with good score. Thank you!

  49. Anushka Sridhar

    Consisting a lot of practice assignments, model reading passages, strategies and techniques for every section of Reading, this course is extremely helpful.

  50. Karan Shukla

    A much needed course material is the comprehensive IELTS Reading (Academic) Band 8 Preparation Course which contains practice tests, 30+ lectures, model reading passages designed by band 9 experts, strategies for both question types, valuable tips and effective strategies to crack the IELTS exam with flying colors. This is one of the other resources, I’ve purchased from IELTSMATERIAL and no doubt, it’s just the best material as it has helped me secure a band of 8.5 score in the IELTS exam. I’d highly recommend the comprehensive IELTS Reading (Academic) Band 8 Preparation Course to everyone desiring to score more than 8+ band score in the IELTS exam

  51. Sam Khanna

    This one is a purchase I don’t regret. It improved my skills and knowledge to a great extent. Absolutely loved the content.

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