IELTS Listening Actual Tests and Answers (Jan-Apr 2021) | Ebook + Audio + Tapescripts

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This book provides you with:

  • Tips and tricks for each question type
  • Signposting language example
  • 15 Listening tests with Audio + Tapescripts.
  • The answer key for these tests by IELTS Trainers

Please note: This is an e-book, therefore there will be no hard copy. The PDF + Audiofiles + Tapescripts of this e-book will be sent to your e-mail immediately after your order is placed.

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This e-book contains 15 listening tests with audios so that you can listen to these audios and answer the questions just like you would in the listening test of IELTS. These tests are all recent tests from 2020, providing you with an inside view of the texts.

IELTS Listening questions are of these types

  • Multiple Choice questions
  • Map Labelling
  • Sentence completion/ Note completion/ Table completion
  • Match questions

IELTS Listening e-book will provide you with:

  • Tips and tricks to answer these questions according to the question types
  • What is signposting language and how it can simplify your listening test.
  • Sample listening tests of 2020
  • Answer Key for all the listening tests by IELTS Trainers.

Please note: This is an e-book, therefore there will be no hard copy. The PDF + Audiofiles + Tapescripts of this e-book will be sent to your e-mail immediately after your order is placed.

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50 reviews for IELTS Listening Actual Tests and Answers (Jan-Apr 2021) | Ebook + Audio + Tapescripts

  1. Fie hong

    I was nervous about the listening test because I had some difficulty in following the conversations. I thought it would reduce my scores. But this e-book simplified it by explaining about signposting language. After going through the signposting language, my listening improved greatly and I managed to score 7.5 in listening.

  2. Jin Yong

    In my first test I scored an overall band of 7 and it was not enough for the colleges that I had applied for. I scored only 30 out of 40 in Listening . I was browsing the internet for help on listening and came across this e-book. This e-book guided me on signposting language and also contained recent tests with answers. I scored 35 out of 40 in the next attempt.

  3. Karisma

    I recently finished my IELTS exam with a score of 8 in Listening. I used few books to prepare for the test. Among them this listening e-book was of great help to me. It contained tips and tricks to answer various question types and was very helpful!

  4. Jackson

    I was searching some IELTS listening material with latest tests. This e-book contained Sample listening tests of 2020 with answers and was of great help! Really good one!

  5. Sheethal

    I had only a week for my IELTS exam when I purchased this e-book. But it was really worth it. It contained answer keys for all the listening tests and tips and tricks to solve various question types. Really worth it.

  6. Harry

    I purhcased this e-book to prepare for my IELTS. It explains signposting language, contains listenting tests with answers and is a best buy for anyone preparing for IELTS.

  7. Trinh

    This material is excellent! It has the most recent questions for practice.

  8. James

    I was new to IELTS, but I cracked the exam on my first attempt! I was clueless about preparing for the listening test, and that’s when I came across this book. It is beginner-friendly, and they have the most recent questions. If you are someone like me, you should buy it.

  9. Oliver

    I’ve purchased quite a few IELTS books, but this the best one! It’s self-explanatory and has recent MCQs to practice.

  10. Smith Reynolds

    A really good book. All possible question types in the listening test are covered.

  11. Cai

    This e-book for IELTS preparation is the best. It has got multiple-choice questions. Listening tests and more.

  12. Gray

    By far the best e-book that I have come across for the preparation of IELTS. Thank you for the guidance, tips and tricks and most importantly signposting language.

  13. Cara Lê

    It’s hard to find more than ten listening tests in a book/ebook, but this book offers 15 real tests. I would definitely recommend it to others

  14. Rachana Suresh

    I recently cleared my IELTS, and this was one of the books I used for practice. It has all real tests, which are especially useful for last moment preparations. I loved this book.

  15. Abhishek

    I have been preparing for IELTS for quite some time now, and this book has turned out to be a best buy. It consists of the latest listening tests from 2020.

  16. Pooran Singh

    This is a perfect book for practising the listening part, with a comprehensive collection of practice tests. Highly recommend it.

  17. Tyler

    This book contains many recent actual tests, which is a good thing. I could practise all those 15 tests and analyse myself using the answer keys. There are many useful tips on tackling a particular question type, for instance, the map section.

  18. Shankar

    The book is a value for money. It comes with the most recent question papers and answers. They also explain signposting language! It is a must-buy for those who are preparing for the IELTS exam.

  19. Felix

    The material is really helpful and the questions are more recent. It contains multiple choice questions as well.

  20. Harry

    Really informative!
    It is very contentious with several recent examination questions. It helps in improving our analytical skill for answering from audio.
    If you are preparing for the IELTS, best of luck for your exam 🙂 🙂

  21. Hansi

    It is very useful, and it really helped me prepare for ilets listening properly in a short time period, and as a result, I scored 7.5 bands in listening.

  22. Wang

    Loved it! The contents given in this material are recent and really helpful. It helps in evaluating our listening skills.

  23. Han

    Worth buying this book. Infact, I am very glad to purchase it. Before, I was so nervous about the listening section and I had only few weeks left; you can imagine my situation. My friend suggested this e-book, after practising all the tests I felt confident and I even scored 8.5. Thanks to this e-book

  24. Ella

    The IELTS listening e-book comes with 15 actual listening tests which are great for practice. It made my preparation easier.

  25. Rajitha

    The MCQs will prepare you for the real exam. Time was a challenge, but the strategies and tips helped me crack the listening test within a limited time.

  26. Feng Mian

    This is such an amazing resource for preparing for the IELTS test. It covers a good amount of information in a nice way that isn’t too overwhelming. Their resource material on signposting language and how they explained it was excellent. I liked it!

  27. Benjamin

    This book is highly recommendable if you want to score higher in IELTS through self-preparation. The book has 15 listening tests with audio and tape scripts at very reasonable prices.

  28. Ava

    I got this e-book while searching for good resource materials to practice the listening section confidently. Luckily, this is e-book has all the resources and techniques in one place, which is more than enough to clear the IELTS listening section with an excellent score.

  29. Hari

    Without any doubt, this IELTS preparation material is the best buy. As this consists of latest listening tests, signposting language and different tricks and tips to answers different types of questions

  30. Roohie

    What an excellent e-book! It has played a significant role in my IELTS exam. I have given all the listening tests and it has such excellent audio quality. Also, I enjoyed attempting all the MCQs it had!

  31. Khuyen

    Ah! I loved all the tips and tricks this book has! Also, the sample listening tests were fantastic. I was struggling with sentence completion, but I feel I have improved with this book’s help. Kudos to the author.

  32. Tobias

    The ebook helped me understand the importance of signposting language. I love how it’s explained in detail. Once I got the concept, I could crack the exam with ease.

  33. Chaoxiang

    The thing I like about this book is that it has so many useful tips on how to take the actual exams. It also includes useful audio & tape scripts that you can access.

  34. Dai

    This e-book for IELTS preparation is the best. With my personal experience I can say that even if you are left with less than a month or just a week, this material can help you score exceptionally well.

  35. Henry

    This e-book is very helpful and guides through every important aspect of the listening test while preparing for IELTS. It has got MCQs, signposting language and tips and tricks to answer different questions.

  36. Miranda Bloom

    As these are latest tests, they provide an picture of the actual exam. Helped a lot in understanding the pattern of the exam during the pandemic.

  37. Martin

    Recommend to anyone preparing for IELTS listening, and the audio quality is excellent! I did not face any problem with the purchase, and it was quite smooth.

  38. Chester

    This ebook is unique. It’s unlike the other books I’ve purchased before. Every question type is covered, and they’ve even provided the actual tests from recent IELTS exams. If you get stuck practising these questions, you can always refer the answers provided at the end of the ebook.

  39. Abigail

    I recently purchased this book and found that it covers all question types. The practice questions help you understand the critical information you need to focus on. A great book!

  40. Surya

    The ebook comes with answers to all the listening questions. Practising these questions helped me understand the question types in which I had trouble.

  41. Charlotte

    Thanks to this e-book for boosting my confidence and helping me get the highest scores in IELTS. This e-book provides everything. Guides you through your preparation with the latest listening tests and also gives tips and tricks to answer every type of question.

  42. Chau

    This e-book for IELTS was very helpful to me. I went by it thoroughly and now I am confident. This e-book consists of several listening tests and signposting language. Also, helps with tips and tricks to answer different types of questions.

  43. Tanya

    I have got this IELTS listening test material recently. It is really informative with essential sample questions (which are also recent ones!!!!).

  44. Myra Singh

    Explanation for signposting language was really helpful for me. It was a really good recommendation from a friend. Glad I made the right choice, at the right time.

  45. Karl Mortenson

    The 15 listening tests with audios prepare you thoroughly for the test day. Loved the tactics. Worth recommending!!

  46. Anmol Kumar

    The tests provided the latest updates about the test. So it was easier to answer the questions in my actual exam.

  47. Aragon Otto

    This book helped me understand the tips and tricks to answer different types of questions. Very wide collection of questions which might be asked.

  48. Xing Phi

    The answer key for the listening tests given by the IELTS Trainers has been of real help while answering in the actual test.

  49. Simran Mehta

    Listening to the audio and answering the questions were just like the actual test of IELTS. This helped me get a good score in the exam.

  50. Chang Lui

    This book had a very wide collection of questions which might be asked. This helped me prepare well for my listening test.

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