IELTS Writing Task 1 (General) Actual Tests with Answers (Jan-Apr 2021) | Ebook

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This e-book contains:

  • Difference between formal, semi-formal and informal letters along with it’s opening and closing lines.
  • Contains 20 sets of letters. Each set contains 1 formal, semi-formal and informal letter.
  • Additionally contains a number of informal and formal letters.
  • Sample answers for each letter.

Please note: This is an e-book, therefore there will be no hard copy. The PDF of this e-book will be sent to your e-mail immediately after your order is placed.

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IELTS General Writing Task 1 should be completed in about 20 minutes during the exam so if you haven’t mastered the art of letter writing by the time you take the exam, you would find it time-consuming!
Our e-book contains 20 sets of letters with each set containing one formal, semi-formal and informal letter that appeared in 2020 tests along with sample answers. Added as an extra bonus, we also provide you with a bunch of formal and informal letters that appeared in the exams along with sample answers.
The art of letter writing is mastered only by practice, so get this e-book to understand the difference between formal, semi-formal and informal letters and answer them accordingly!
Please note: This is an e-book, therefore there will be no hard copy. The PDF of this e-book will be sent to your e-mail immediately after your order is placed.

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39 reviews for IELTS Writing Task 1 (General) Actual Tests with Answers (Jan-Apr 2021) | Ebook

  1. Liam Jameson

    This IELTS material was the right choice for me to perform well in the passage one of writing. Even though this section had to be completed in 20 minutes, I finished it before time. This book has 20 sample letters with sample answers to get an idea of approaching the section. I recommend it for anyone who wants to ace the exam. Best e-book ever!

  2. Akshaya

    It’s a great book, and it has all the information about letter writing. The explanations are simplified and easily understandable. It is a reliable and comprehensive ebook for those preparing for the IELTS exam.

  3. Bohai

    The book has a wide range of letter writing samples. It also includes IELTS model questions and sample answers. The book gave me the confidence I needed preparing for the most challenging exam.

  4. Ad Dung

    This book is an excellent guide for those who are lacking in writing skills. By practising these actual questions, you can achieve a definite band 7.

  5. Li Wang

    This e-book helped me learn the difference between formal and informal letters and taught me how to structure a letter. I recommend this book to get a good score in IELTS.

  6. Samyak Patel

    I never knew that the writing style, presentation style for formal, semi-formal and informal letter might be so variant. This book has explained it perfectly.

  7. Li Xuang

    The ebook helped me prepare for the exam. The latest questions provided in the ebook helped me get familiar with the kind of questions I can expect in the exam.

  8. Nishant

    IELTS writing was the toughest for me, and I found it hard to practice and evaluate. But I must say that this is the most comprehensive material out there as it contains several informal and formal letters and sample answers. This e-book teaches you how to approach the writing task. The major highlight was the purchase, I didn’t face any issues, and it was pretty fast.

  9. Darcy Wheeler

    My friend suggested this book, and it helped me work on my letter writing. I was always afraid of writing letters, but this book beautifully explained different kinds of letters and had plenty of samples for reference.

  10. Prisha Agarwal

    The best thing is that it’s an e-book, and that makes it so handy. The sample papers and answers were so helpful, my best purchase! The e-book was emailed to me within 10 seconds after I made the payment.

  11. Hoang

    What I like the most about the material is its unique method of explaining the concepts. What drew my attention was the 20 sets of different letter formats. I just gave it a try and the results were immense! Buy it and see for yourself.

  12. Harry Clark

    I have purchased this material for my IELTS preparation. It was very helpful for me to refer to the samples for the tests. This material provides strategic guidance to achieve good scores in the IELTS examination.

  13. Siddharth

    You cannot score a good band in IELTS writing without practice, and if you are looking for the proper guidelines regarding how and where to start practising, this is the best online material that I would recommend. I always had trouble distinguishing between formal and informal letter writing, but this book gave me a clear idea.

  14. Rose Matthews

    Two outstanding features of this product are “Model answers and Sample Papers.” These helped me a lot with my preparation. I recommend this book any day.

  15. Wang Xiao

    I felt so confident after having gone through this book thoroughly and understanding how to answer letters. It was a great purchase. Recommended to a lot of colleagues and friends!!!!

  16. Ankita

    This e-book for IELTS writing task is so helpful. It has got examples and explanations for different types of letters.

  17. Xuan Ly

    I have recently purchased this book for referring sample tests for my IELTS preparation. The tests provided in the book are very helpful and contain all exam-specific questions. One of the most recommended books for IELTS aspirants!

  18. Oliver Duck

    This book helped me how to understand how to write good letters within the stipulated time. A book worth investing in!!

  19. Amrit

    This e-book provides examples of formal, informal and semi-formal letters which is very helpful. My letter writing abilities improved drastically.

  20. Robert R

    I found this book extremely informative and helpful. I feel quite prepared to do the IELTS writing task 1 exam. Thanks to the provided model answers. This book is worth reading for IELTS preparation.

  21. Harsh Parmar

    The IELTS material has helped me level up my preparation greatly. The best part is the set of letters which is divided into informal, formal and semi-formal counterparts. Definitely worth the money!

  22. Felix

    As you might know, keeping on reading IELTS materials won’t help you score a good band in writing because practise is so important. This e-book is one of a kind material that lets you practise more without making it feel like a tiresome task. It contains like 20 sets of letters, each having one formal, semi-formal and informal letter. Additionally, it contains sample answers that help you evaluate your progress.

  23. Quyen

    This is an excellent e-book for preparing the IELTS Writing Task 1. The book has nearly 20 sets of letters, each containing the questions for the formal, informal, and semi-formal letter with answers. As a bonus, they also provide a bunch of formal and informal letters, along with sample answers. All questions are from recent IELTS exams.

  24. Percy Frost

    This book provides sample answers for each of the letters. They helped me to frame perfect letters.

  25. Emily Evans

    The sample answers given in this ebook are beneficial. They explain the letter types clearly.

  26. Sheral

    20 well written letters to get a catch of flow. Best book ever! Thanks

  27. Ethan

    This book contains IELTS writing practice tests, and the format is very similar to the real one. The questions are quite hard to crack; however, the answers were of great help. With a lot of practice, I was able to score an 8.0! It’s a great book!

  28. Bi

    This IELTS ebook is helpful. It consists of various approaches to write different types of letter such as formal, informal and even semi-formal. Its been my best buy for IELTS prep!

  29. Xiulan

    I would definitely recommend this e-book! I scaled up from a score of 6.5 to 8 in the IELTS writing section. I practised all the tests given in this e-book. The sample answers helped me to understand the changes I needed to make.

  30. Lewis

    Letters are well written. I recommend this book to all IELTS test takers. The 20 sets of letters given in this e-book are taken from actual IELTS tests. Sample answers are also provided.

  31. Dehlun

    This is so resourceful for IELTS writing section. I was able to improve my letter writing skills in a very short span of time. I’m glad about the purchase.

  32. Lucas

    The book offers a lot of tips based on the previous exams conducted. The explanations are precise and detailed. I loved this book!

  33. Arlo Asper

    This book has an exceptional style of explaining the different letter types. I can see significant improvement in my writing after I started practising with the book.

  34. Auden Ta

    The way they have differentiated all the three types of letters is commendable. I was always confused between letter types but this book helped me understand the difference!!!

  35. Ying Yue

    I have learnt the difference between formal, informal and semi-formal letters from this e-book. It is easy to practise using this material.

  36. Vien

    IELTS writing task 1 should be completed in 20 minutes, so the only way to complete it in a short period is to master it. This e-book stresses the importance of accurate planning and correct understanding of the task along with enough practice tests and sample answers. I practised all the tests given in this e-book, and I managed to reach band 8.

  37. Sophia

    The writing part of the IELTS test is often quite confusing for candidates. This IELTS writing task 1 e-book will help you master the art of letter writing. This is a perfect self-study book that focuses on practical English writing skills for the official IELTS exam.

  38. Ajay Ram

    This book is ideal for self-study. I found the sample answer very useful, because I got a lot of letter ideas from them.

  39. Zhi Rou

    The material has a lot of letter questions on formal, informal and semi-formal types. Sample answers are also given which teach us how to write a perfect letter.

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