IELTS Self Study Guide 2021 (Written by IELTS Band 8+ experts) eBook

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  • Self – Study activities
  • Tips and tricks
  • Strategies for each module(Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing) of the IELTS test.
  • Authored by Band 9 teacher
For both the listening and reading sections, there are various types of questions. The answer to each question type can be found easily with a specific strategy.
For the writing section, there are different types of essays and each essay follows a different pattern, the structure and tips to write an essay can be found in this eBook.
The speaking section involves a lot of planning in a short period of time. These tips are provided in the eBook.
This eBook will act as a guide and take you through a step by step process to crack your IELTS.
Please note: This is an eBook, therefore there will no hard copy. The PDF of this eBook will be sent to your e-mail immediately after your order is placed.
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IELTS Self-guide guides you through the process of preparing for your IELTS Exam.
The self-guide eBook contains:
  • Self-study activities
  • Tips
  • Strategies

for each module.

Each of these activities, tips and strategies are explained elaborately along with examples, Q&A and explanations for these answers.
One of the key points of the eBook is that the tips/strategies are according to the specifications for each module.
In the listening section, a number of examples are given along with audios to help you understand that particular tip/strategy.
In the reading section, the strategies/tips are explained along with reading passages to help you understand.
In the writing section, the strategy/tip is explained with an example passage of an essay/task 1 report which will help you understand better.
We are all aware that the listening and reading sections contain various types of questions but we aren’t aware that each of these questions can be answered correctly and quickly with the use of strategies. These strategies can be found in this eBook.
The speaking section, though it is the easiest to crack, involves a few strategies too. This eBook provides you with tips for all three sections and also an important tip to help you plan your answer for the cue card in one minute.
Purchase this eBook and make your IELTS preparation easier.
Please note: This is an eBook, therefore there will no hard copy. The PDF of this eBook will be sent to your e-mail immediately after your order is placed.

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70 reviews for IELTS Self Study Guide 2021 (Written by IELTS Band 8+ experts) eBook

  1. Tokini

    A must buy book !!! Explains every miniscule detail related to IELTS.

  2. Ashirya

    Has tips and strategies for all sections, both modules!! So it is an all-in-one book for IELTS.

  3. Prinit

    Has content for IELTS Academic and General module. So helpful for both!!

  4. Swapnika

    This book will undoubtedly clarify all beginner doubts, just as it did for me!!!

  5. Akhilbandhu

    Writing task 1 in Academic was a nightmare to me. But not after I purchased this book. Clear explanations on how to derive the report from the diagram. Kudos !!

  6. Siddharth Basu

    Art of letter writing explained at the granular level ! Good read!!

  7. Devanshu

    Complete coverage for all question types!! Amazing book for beginners!

  8. Raelyn

    This is a bible for beginners!! Contains all the points related to the exam!! Very good coverage !!!

  9. Shane

    Overall this is a very good book for IELTS preparation. The tips and strategies for every section explain almost everything related to the exam.

  10. Tiyash

    The tips, strategies and explanations are commendable. The book covers almost everything related to IELTS.

  11. Neepa

    Comprehensive coverage for all sections, both modules!! Highly recommend it!

  12. Rhyah

    Excellent book to begin with preparations for IELTS!!

  13. Udaybhan

    I never thought essay writing was this easy!! The strategies given are excellent!!

  14. Briti

    I purchased the book recently. The book was delivered to me within a few seconds of payment. And the content is also very good!

  15. Sohini

    This book was recommended to me by my professor. I really appreciate the way they have covered all the question types. I learnt a lot.

  16. Sourindra

    By studying the tips and strategies from this book, I was able to score a band 8 in my exam. All the question types were covered.

  17. Aakriti

    This book explains all the sections of IELTS with tips and strategies. Very easy to understand.

  18. Priya

    I was very nervous, the day before my exam and all the reference books were in a clutter. My mom reminded me of this purchase and I thank her from the bottom of my heart. I grew confident after going through all the question types!!

  19. Annie

    I’m an English Professor. One of my student is in his final year Engineering and was asking me to suggest a book for IELTS preparation. I told him about this book and he seems to be very happy with it.

  20. Mala

    The tips and strategies for reading section were very helpful for me to get a band 8 in that section. Highly recommend it!! All the points are covered.

  21. Hinal

    The strategies for the writing task2 taught me how to write an essay from scratch. I’m more prepared and confident of a good score in the exam.

  22. Gariyashi

    The book is really worth the price. Complete coverage of all question types!

  23. Suraj

    I had only one week before my exam when I purchased this book. But I managed to learn everything related to the exam within that period. I cleared the exam with a 7.5 .

  24. Vritika

    The tips and strategies for speaking helped me overcome my inhibitions. Mindmap is explained well.

  25. Svojas

    This book covers every detail related to IELTS. Good for beginner as a goto book and for the advanced as a book for revision and reference.

  26. Anvi patel

    After reading the tips and strategies for speaking section, I lost all my fears and became confident. It seems to be a mathematical approach. Thanks to the self-study guide.

  27. Shayan

    The strategies for the writing section helped me in writing good essays. I gave my IELTS test last week and I’m confident of achieving a high band.

  28. Sophia

    This is a fantastic book on tips and strategies. I recommended it to some of my students and seen remarkable improvement in their scores.

  29. Mahesh

    A real self study book. I could gather the gist of IELTS by reading this book. If someone goes through this book and then solves the practice tests, they will surely get more marks, as I did.

  30. Arianna

    I bought this book and am extremely pleased about the tips and strategies. I would definitely ask all my students to try and get a copy of the book.

  31. Shriya

    The mind map explanations for speaking test are awesome.

  32. Sunitha

    I was always scared of the writing task 1 in Academic. I was thinking it was going to let me down for sure. But after going through this book, I figured out how to write my report. The book explains every visual representation along with the set of words to describe it. So I’m pretty confident now!

  33. Wilber

    Mind map formation for cue cards were very helpful in preparation.

  34. Ralph

    The strategies for the writing section are very good. It helped me to frame my own essays with ease.

  35. Thea

    I struggled to write a report in the writing task 1. But this book guided me methodically on how to frame a perfect report. The strategies helped me a lot.

  36. Prathith

    Complete coverage for both the modules. I’m going to appear for IELTS General but I was recommended this book by someone who attempted IELTS Academic.

  37. Bindu

    I gave my first attempt a few months ago. I lost a lot of marks though my answers were right. But when I read the section on instructions in this book, I realised how careless I was. I was able to get a band 8 in the next attempt.

  38. Kanvi

    This book has detailed explanation on why an answer becomes incorrect though it is the right answer to the question. I learnt a lot in this area.

  39. Dalsher

    I was doing last minute preparations and this book turned out to be very good. It increased my confidence levels.

  40. Tasya

    I’m a lecturer in college and some of my students were asking me to suggest a book for IELTS. When I searched on the internet I found this book to be very good for beginners to get an idea of the exam!

  41. Teja

    My friend and I went through this book together. We realised that there was no need to make any notes or hints because the points were crisp and were like short hints themselves.

  42. Benjamin

    I found this book very useful, especially the reading and listening sections. The tips, strategies and explanations were great! I learnt a lot on how to write accurate answers.

  43. Nguyen Van Nam

    My scores in the first attempt in writing task 1 were very low because I did not know how to interpret a given diagram. This book taught me the strategies to write a good report. I scored 7 in my second attempt. Thanks to the self study guide.

  44. Khevna

    The tips and strategies for writing task 1 are really good. Will definitely recommend this book to my friends.

  45. Sudha

    I was referring to different books for each section. But after buying this book , I found all the required details for all the sections. Very useful indeed!!

  46. Pramukh

    Listening and reading sections are amazing. Very good book for quick revision

  47. Sameer Agarwal

    I was struggling with the listening section when one of my friend told me of this book. I purchased it and the self study activities were great. The tips and strategies and explanations for the audios were really helpful.

  48. Pravish

    I referred only a very few books for my preparation. This was one of them. Explains all question types for a particular section.

  49. Aadhiya

    A real reference book for the last minute !!!!

  50. Aadhvik

    I used to solve a lot of practice tests without any idea. This book guided me on a formulaic approach!!!

  51. Aparna Pandey

    My essay writing skills were very poor. I scored only 5. After purchasing this e-book, I understood that there are different types of essays and that there is a structure for every essay. After reading the book, I tried to write essays on my own and I see that I’m able to write in a better manner. I’m confident of the writing section now.

  52. Dravie

    This is an excellent book for self study and last minute revision. Covers all the question types for all sections!!!

  53. Inderveer

    Before buying this book, I never knew what a thesis statement was. This book was an eye-opener.

  54. Lucy

    This is a good book for people who have no idea about IELTS.

  55. Jaswant

    This book guided me on how to write a correct answer. Many are prone to making careless mistakes and hence lose marks. This book covers all those points.

  56. Udai

    Very good book for quick revision. Has all the details that one needs to remember before entering the exam hall.

  57. Grishma

    This book was suggested to me by a friend. Proved very good for last minute revision. Good coverage.

  58. Basabi

    The self study activities for listening and speaking were very helpful!!

  59. Sreevar

    I had no clue of what IELTS was. So a friend recommended this book to me. After going through the contents, I feel the exam is quite easy to crack!!

  60. Sanjita

    My friend recommended this book to me. I knew nothing about IELTS but after reading the book completely, I feel I’ve gained a throrough understanding of the exam!

  61. Wang Wei

    This book is an eye-opener. The tips and strategies given for the Reading section helped me realise my careless mistakes. I’m confident of scoring well, in the next attempt.

  62. Vidhya

    This book contains all the details related to the exam . A real ready reckoner!!!

  63. Yudhvir

    All the possible question types are explained well. Highly recommend it for last minute revision!

  64. Sharmila

    The book covers all the question types for a particular section along with example scenarios. So I found it quite easy to understand. Also I can revise quickly using this book.

  65. Suresh

    I was totally unaware of the exam pattern and questions. But after reading this book, I got a complete picture of IELTS. Thanks to the self study guide!!

  66. Praveen Sharma

    I’m in my final year of Engineering and am aspiring to study in Canada. I found the book intriguing. I got a basic idea of what IELTS is all about. The explanations given for the tips and strategies were easy to understand.

  67. Vidyuti

    I would recommend this book to any beginner!! Complete guide to IELTS!!

  68. Tanya

    Very good book for beginners! I got a good understanding of what IELTS is all about. I did recommend this to a few of my friends and they found it useful as well.

  69. Mahitha

    After an exhaustive preparation using various materials for 1 month, I used this book just two days before my exam. I was able to revise all the concepts without needing to refer any other book.

  70. Jahnavi

    I needed a book for last minute revision and this one was excellent. It was suggested to me by a friend and am really thankful to her.

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