IELTS Listening Recent Tests 2020 (Ebook + Audio)

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This book provides you with :
  • Tips and tricks for each question type
  • Signposting language example
  • 5 Listening tests with Audio.
  • Answer key for these tests by IELTS Trainers
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This e-book contains 5 listening tests with audios so that you can listen to these audios and answer the questions just like you would in the listening test of IELTS. These tests are all recent tests from 2020, providing you with an inside view of the texts.

IELTS Listening questions are of these types

  • Multiple Choice questions
  • Map Labelling
  • Sentence completion/ Note completion/ Table completion
  • Match questions

IELTS Listening e-book will provide you with:

  • Tips and tricks to answer these questions according to the question types
  • What is signposting language and how it can simplify your listening test.
  • Sample listening tests of 2020
  • Answer Key for all the listening tests by IELTS Trainers.

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6 reviews for IELTS Listening Recent Tests 2020 (Ebook + Audio)

  1. Fie hong

    I was nervous about the listening test because I had some difficulty in following the conversations. I thought it would reduce my scores. But this e-book simplified it by explaining about signposting language. After going through the signposting language, my listening improved greatly and I managed to score 7.5 in listening.

  2. Jin Yong

    In my first test I scored an overall band of 7 and it was not enough for the colleges that I had applied for. I scored only 30 out of 40 in Listening . I was browsing the internet for help on listening and came across this e-book. This e-book guided me on signposting language and also contained recent tests with answers. I scored 35 out of 40 in the next attempt.

  3. Karisma

    I recently finished my IELTS exam with a score of 8 in Listening. I used few books to prepare for the test. Among them this listening e-book was of great help to me. It contained tips and tricks to answer various question types and was very helpful!

  4. Jackson

    I was searching some IELTS listening material with latest tests. This e-book contained Sample listening tests of 2020 with answers and was of great help! Really good one!

  5. Sheethal

    I had only a week for my IELTS exam when I purchased this e-book. But it was really worth it. It contained answer keys for all the listening tests and tips and tricks to solve various question types. Really worth it.

  6. Harry

    I purhcased this e-book to prepare for my IELTS. It explains signposting language, contains listenting tests with answers and is a best buy for anyone preparing for IELTS.

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