IELTS Computer-Based Tests [5 Mock Tests]


  • All types of IELTS questions are covered
  • Detailed and thorough tests
  • Timed evaluation aids time-management skills
  • Avoids accidental writing errors
  • Instantaneous Feedback after assessment completion
  • High Accuracy Review


Computer-based Tests for IELTS are crucial for your preparation as it helps you get acquainted with the computer-based exam format and get comfortable with the exam. Therefore, we at IELTSMaterial have designed these CBTs with their importance in mind to enhance your preparation experience.

What is included in the CBTs?

Each set of the IELTS CBTs includes all four sections of the IELTS Academic test: Listening, Reading, Writing (Task 1 and Task 2) and Speaking.

Why are the CBTs important?

  • It helps you to know where to type your answer and increases your typing speed before the actual exam.
  • Through CBTs, you get quick feedback as you mostly take it through an online platform.
  • As our CBTs are available on computers as well as mobile, you get to practise it from anywhere at any time if you have a stable internet connection.

Why will you choose the set of 5 CBTs?

Sometimes just before the actual exam, we begin to panic if we have had enough practice or not or if we are prepared enough. If you are anxious about the final stage of your preparation but have already inculcated the tips and mastered all your skills, these five sets of CBTs are meant for you.

As these CBTs are designed based on the recent IELTS papers and focus on giving the user a wholesome last-minute practice, they are the best method to reduce your apprehension and boost your confidence just before the exam.

Who are these test sets prepared for?

  • IELTS aspirants who are preparing for the computer-based exam as they need USA, UK, AU, or Canadian University admission should choose these sets.
  • Students who are looking to score more than IELTS Band 7 should practise these tests regularly.



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